Hagley Museum and Library -2006

I was going thru some of the 100 cd and dvd i have that are not marked to get rid of the ones i dont need. I found this one dvd with the photos i took when my Son and I wen to Hagley Museum. This was about 10 years ago and I was wondering what happened to the pics. We ahd so much fun we came back the next day to see the rest.

There was a huge chunk of metal that used to be pare of a powder press that exploded a long time ago. We were surprised by how much damage to the huge heave chunk sustained! We even got to write with a feather in the old school house on the DuPonts property. If anyone has the time it is still a great place to take kids.

I put most of the 115 photos i found on here if anyone wants to check them out. Sorry if they are not in any real order!

The Unique Connection

connectionAs someone who grew up without a my real mom in my life I find this interesting. I wonder if I had to do this with my real mother could I pick her out without even knowing her that well? What is it about a mothers bond with her children that makes this possible? Would your kids be able to pick you out of a crowd like this?


Dickinson HS On Lockdown?

I got an automated call from my sons school about a “off school grounds bomb threat”. Then went online to try to find out more info but no luck so far. I hope all is ok. I texted my son to say b safe but no reply. He does not always reply so not sure if he just ignoring or not allowed to. The message said they would call again so I guessIll just have to wait a bit longer to find out. I’ll have to call his mom to see if she know more if I dont hear soon! 🙁

If you have any info leave below in comment!

Razor Blade Hidden On Playgroung Cuts Toddler

Some idiot thought it would be funny to glue razors to the park equipment. A family was playing in the park and their toddler gut his little hand open. I would have flipped out if it was me. It could have turned out a lot worse and the boy isn’t…

The Ghost In My Son’s Computer

DSCN3141 – My son usually comes every other weekend to visit and brings his pc with him so he can show me his BF4 skillz. I dont know why but his mom was mad he brought it last time bc he got in trouble or something. I got some time to take a look inside it to see how much dust was building up on the fans and other parts inside and remove it. If too much builds up it can run hotter and wear out quicker. It also will not run as fast…heat is a killer for electronic parts. I built this pc for him as a gaming pc and I know how much the parts cost inside and I want to keep it all in good shape so it will last a while for him. The video card alone was close to $2oo. He can play ANY game with the video setting at highest setting with no problem!