The Ghost In My Son’s Computer

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"The Ghost"

DSCN3141 – My son usually comes every other weekend to visit and brings his pc with him so he can show me his BF4 skillz. I dont know why but his mom was mad he brought it last time bc he got in trouble or something. I got some time to take a look inside it to see how much dust was building up on the fans and other parts inside and remove it. If too much builds up it can run hotter and wear out quicker. It also will not run as fast…heat is a killer for electronic parts. I built this pc for him as a gaming pc and I know how much the parts cost inside and I want to keep it all in good shape so it will last a while for him. The video card alone was close to $2oo. He can play ANY game with the video setting at highest setting with no problem!

I opened it up and it had a bit of dust…not too bad though. I got it all cleaned out and ready for him to pwn again. Good thing bc he called me a few hours after I got done to see if I could bring it to him/ I guess he is out of trouble again…lol

Now I have to get it another hard drive with more space bc he keeps getting close to filling up the one that os in there now. I am going to put a 1T or 2T one in there so I wont have to worry about it not running bc it is out of space.

Here are some pic of it with the dusty parts and oh yeah…the GHOST! (video card)


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