The Unique Connection

connectionAs someone who grew up without a my real mom in my life I find this interesting. I wonder if I had to do this with my real mother could I pick her out without even knowing her that well? What is it about a mothers bond with her children that makes this possible? Would your kids be able to pick you out of a crowd like this?

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All Kids Should Learn To Code!

ANY child who learns to code will have a bright future ahead as far as employment. Our Country will need good skilled coders if we are to continue to be World leaders in technology.code-sample The best time to learn coding is when kids minds are still absorbent and able to learn quickly.

With coding skills anyone could learn to build Apps, games, websites or even programming the next Mars Rovers! Today there is a severe lack of good skilled coders to fill great 5-6 figure jobs! Continue reading

Dickinson HS On Lockdown?

I got an automated call from my sons school about a “off school grounds bomb threat”. Then went online to try to find out more info but no luck so far. I hope all is ok. I texted my son to say b safe but no reply. He does not always reply so not sure if he just ignoring or not allowed to. The message said they would call again so I guessIll just have to wait a bit longer to find out. I’ll have to call his mom to see if she know more if I dont hear soon! :-(

If you have any info leave below in comment!

OMG Too many Background Patterns To Choose From

woven_@2XI wanted to do something new for my site’s background so I went to find a new pattern. I had no intention of spending 2 hours trying out different one. I found a site for good background patterns and went through 400 different free ones they had to offer. I was able to narrow it down to a few and then the final winner you see now if you  screen is wide enough. Phones and tabs prob wont see unless you zoom out.

I guess it is better to have too many choices than not enough. I can’t complain but it just takes longer when it’s my own site. It is a lot quicker for a clients site. I have to go by what they like and not so much my own taste/ideas.

WordPress offers so many choices in many areas. Background patterns is only one fun way to make any website unique There are over 5,000+ themes to chose form each with it owns special features you can use to customize your site. If anyone is interested i their own website for personal or business use please contact me below in a comment or on my FB page here:

My night out in ST Georges DE

If your looking for somewhere to go tonight come down to ST Georges Country Store for some Blues jams with my friend Jimmy Pritchard and his blues band. Good tunes and fun


what else can u ask for?