Watch Out For IRS Tax Scams!

There is a IRS tax scam phone call going around! IT is robo voice saying your in trouble for fraud and to call a ##. The Number is a DC # and when you call they claim to be an ‘officer” to get your inf to ‘confirm’ YOUR id! They just steal your inf! I called and asked them to…

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Poor Little Sloth!

A guy found this baby sloth on the beach covered in sand and salt water! He was this little sloths hero for sure! I can’t even imagine what caused it to end up on that beach or what it went thru. The heart melting cry it makes is so sad but in a way cute… you’ll see what I mean…

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Hair does not make a person beautiful.

When i was younger and going out to clubs i would worry about my hair. I know that as a guy it does not matter so much if even i have hair or not. It is probably not same for a woman though. How did hair become such a big factor in peoples lives? This video proves imo that even with…

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He nails every accent!

OMG this guy get every accent spot on 100%. I dont think I could get even close to just one! He jumps between each with out any problems at all! Very impressive! 

Long Time Bus Driver & Eagles Fan Gets A Surprise!

This made me smile this morning when I first read it! It is good to see that people can still say thank you to someone who deserves it! It will inspire others to follow Gary’s example of being a decent guy… and Eagles Fan. * Full Story –>  

A letter brings two Louisiana families together

A woman’s father passed away and shortly after she heard music playing because a new baby was born. Someone near her said “well then that’s dad’s angel” and that gave her an idea. She wrote a letter and took it to the maternity unit and asked them to give it to the first baby born after the time her father…

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What Does Our Dreams Mean?

I hate having a dream that stays on my mind all day. I might be more inclined to believe they meant something if they made sense. If I was to fall asleep thinking about if I should move or not then had dream that I did move and it worked out. Then I could say well that dream meant I…

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