A Sad Day

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My 13 year old cat died and I miss her. I keep calling for her and thinking she is in other room or getting into trouble. It will be hard to remember she is gone. It was 13 years and it will not be easy. I was always her best friend and she was mine. I was glad she could not talk because she knew all my secrets and never told one of them.
She will be missed dearly and forever. Here’s to you Sassy "MEOW-MEOW-MEOW" three quick meows in a row. I hope they have mice in Kitty Heaven! I have some pics of her in my photos if u want to see her. Thanks for stopping by and read my other blogs and my other sites pls, thanks again!

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  1. Thx 4 stopping by my Space……Um Yes in my home we are HUGE Halo fans…I <3 Master Chief! Although I have not played halo in a while …I am a avid gamer but mostly i play consoles not pc…my fav console is the Xbox 360 ..when I opened my xbox live account my kids and I shared the account which is Noir Assasins but now we basically have each our own…my sons kept that Noir one I have Vampire Links and my daughter has her own…thx for the comment and I will check out your sites…have an awesome week ^_^!

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