Hagley Museum and Library -2006

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I was going thru some of the 100 cd and dvd i have that are not marked to get rid of the ones i dont need. I found this one dvd with the photos i took when my Son and I wen to Hagley Museum. This was about 10 years ago and I was wondering what happened to the pics. We ahd so much fun we came back the next day to see the rest.

There was a huge chunk of metal that used to be pare of a powder press that exploded a long time ago. We were surprised by how much damage to the huge heave chunk sustained! We even got to write with a feather in the old school house on the DuPonts property. If anyone has the time it is still a great place to take kids.

I put most of the 115 photos i found on here if anyone wants to check them out. Sorry if they are not in any real order!