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I do not have many memories of Fathers Day. I was curious to here some of your familys traditions for that special for Fathers. I always dreamed of going fishing with my bio Father. Or just being with him would have been nice. We did spend a few together but I don’t really remember any details.

What crazy gift did you give/get?

Any special Fathers Day meals?

Whats your most memorable Father Day?

Whats the worst?:(

thanks ahead of time for your input…tom g

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  1. Tom, I would love to have your opinion on this. I’m sure you don’t have time, but if you do, here goes. My kids dad was a real stinker. Drugs, alcoholic, unemployed under the guise of "I will stay home with the kids" (*while I worked full time and went to grad school) etc. He was also physically (spelling?) abusive. To everyone. We left one day, February 11, 2002, while he was at work (first job he had in 8 years….) because over the weekend he had threatened, in great detail, in front of the kids, to kill me. (not the first time for that) He comes around only when he thinks I will open my heart to let him, and only by phone to me. I tried to let him have a relationship with the boys last summer, let them talk to him on the phone and he told them he was coming from TX to see them (we live in NV) in September. He did not show. He even sent my younger son a birthday present. But then I met my fiance. After that all communication stopped. I think the only reason he tried to get with us was because he found out I bought a house and he wanted his meal ticket back. Father’s Day is coming up. Last year I bought a card for him and had the kids sign it and made him a CD. But by August he wasn’t speaking again. Christmas was ignored. My older son’s bday in March, ignored. Now it is Father’s Day again and suprise suprise he has called me asking about the boys. Should I have them call him on Father’s Day? My fiance has really stepped up to the plate on this one. He loves those boys like they were his very own and I can’t have any more, so he will never have his own children after we get married. What do you think? If you have time: is my email. I think you are the most informed person to respond to this.

  2. Hi, I am a Chinese girl, I was moved by your stories, though I have not finished reading them all yet! Your son is so cute, and I love the way you tell us your son. I can truely feel how deeply you love your son and how much you proud of him! Please never give up, and best wishes for you and your son!p.s. I think your spelling and writing is good. Clear…just I can understand them all! Keep going, and I will visit your space frequently!

  3. Two words…shrimp and crab legs. That’s all my Dad ever wants for Father’s Day. But as long as he’s happy, so am I. Happy Father’s Day to you (just in case I can’t get back here before then). Enjoy your day! ~hugs~Jamie

  4. it’s difficult for me to talk about fathers….I wasn’t close to mine, and only now are we getting close. My son’s father is a sh**head and doesn’t deserve the wonderful son we made…my 2nd husband, Good Man Roger, is a wonderful father and his kids don’t appreciate it – ha, if they could only see what they could have for a father vs what they really have-a good man, well….anyway.I can’t think of any great father’s day stories to tell – I wish I could – erk this is depressing LOL maybe I should’t post this comment..but I already wrote it – dilemma!I’m going to see if I can think of something fun or good …oh! Okay, one father’s day when I was working at a gym and eating very strictly (booorring) my stepdaughter and I made her fathe r(my hb) a father’s day dinner – we banged pots around, we made noises in th ekitchen and then we said "Okay come eat your father’s day dinner)…and when he walked in – there was a Whopper Fries and a Shake on a plate LOL — he said "Huh?" but he had a huge smile – because as a trainer, I wasn’t eating fast foods, and he didn’t either but he LOVES whoppers (he could have eaten them, he just didn’t-at least in front o fme LOL) – so he was so happy to have that whopper, fries and shake! and my stepdaughter and I had fooled him into thinking we’d made this huge meal -she was smiling and thought it clever- LOL guess that was lame, but still… 🙂

  5. Like Kathryn (below me) I do not have many memories of Fathers Day. My dad and I were estranged for many years and I lived across the country from him for awhile. While we have made our peace and are closer than we have ever been in my lifetime, there are still some (what’s the word?) restraints in the way we treat each other. As for the father of my children, we have a big BBQ every year. All the kids chip in and get his gift (pressure washer last year – new BBQ grill the year before). We swim in the pool, eat, take pictures, play ball, etc. It’s really nice. Debbie

  6. Nice Space!!!Well, about my father i could say he is the most important person for me in the whole world (after my little baby)…i just love him…so much!!From him ive learned how important is to share things with other people, it doesnt matter if is just a piece of bread or an icecream…whatever…and i will never for get that lesson….I know im so lucky to have a lovely father with me, all my life, giving me his support all the time..

  7. Hey Tom, First I want to thank you for commenting on my blog. When I leave a comment, I always feel like I am sending my words out into the vast ocean like a message in a bottle, and how wonderful to have the bottle come drifting back, read and appreciated. As regards father’s day, my family never did that kind of thing at all. The only thing we ever celebrated was birthdays and christmas but only when we were kids and it got too expensive to try and do something better every year. My dad is actually on vacation alone right now and will be gone until early July. He always forgets to call and brings us back things that are impractical and in bad taste but are expensive. I always forgive him though because it meant he was actually thinking about us at least a little when in fact I think all of us would rather he just spent some time with us. Time is the only thing that matters later on. Take care – Bunny

  8. My Father’s Day memory is of planning a day with my kids on the first Father’s Day after my divorce. I planned to take them out on a boat, had rented the boat, packed a picnic lunch with all of their favorite foods, purchased three sets of fishing gear,and arranged to have my ex wife drop the kids at the appointed pier. I made sure that I arrived early so that we wouldn’t spend precious time together loading the boat, and we could get right out on the water. I sat on the dock for two hours waiting for my ex to deliver the kids. She never showed. I called six times, but there was no answer. I left messages for each of the kids to call me. I called emergency services to see if there had been an accident. I was frantic and feared that something awful had happened to them. After three hours, I packed up and went home. I talked to my ex the next day. She claimed that she was there and couldn’t find me, even though I was the only one waiting on the pier and my car was parked in a visible spot. The next time I saw my son, I asked him what had happened to them. He said he never was told that he was going fishing, and they never went to the lake in Mom’s car. He said they had spent Father’s Day visiting with my ex wife’s Father in Indiana. A year later, she took me to court asking for three times the amount I was paying her. She lost, but when I tried to bring up the myriad of violations that she had committed to our agreement, the judge said he wouldn’t even listen to any complaints other than the financial matter that she had brought before the court, and that his concern was only that the children were being financially supported.

  9. Tom – Good going, don’t let anything get in the way of your love for your kids. The court system and SOME women can effectively destroy that love. You’re a good man Tom! I have two kids, a 9 year old boy and a 6 year old woman 🙂 I don’t think that I could breath without them and that’s what keeps me going through the ups and downs of being married. Being married is not always easy but my childrens love is like glue that keeps us together, I recognize it and my wife does too. Your kids are beautiful and I’m sure they are full of love for you. Check out my space, there’s some pics of my kids doing various things, Ski lodge, Carnival, etc with their cousins and school mates. I live in the Netehrlands where they celebrate carnival, WE call it Mardi Gras :0) It would be good to hear from you, you have my email address…dlg

  10. Dear Tom,I think that the child should have the father’s last name because it takes 2 to create a baby and its only right for the child to carry on the father’s last name. I know some may disagree due to situations but thats what I truly believe. From your entries that I have read I just want to say a job well done. Your son is very lucky to have a father like you.TammyP.S.Have a Happy Father’s Day!

  11. Father day is coming, what should I do, I don’t really know, why because I have three children with a man, that after 13 years of marriage, I discovered that he was leaving a double life. He called me and he said that any day I will be getting the divorce papers. He has not told the children yet, he is waiting for school to finish. What should I do when the children ask, mami I want to buy something for daddy? somebody answer.

  12. Had i only been a better parent. I haven’t seen you for so long it’s hard to remeber what you look like. i pay my support to you like going to church every sunday. i hope more men out there will read the book called "Blind Baseball". if had the wisdom that i have now when you were just a "little guy", things wouldnt be so bad for us. I have told you over and over again, how much i love you. it not my fault i can not see you. Your mother dislikes me because of the wedding rings that my friend shannon stoled from her. I may not live with you or see you, but i hope that you will always remember that i will always be your Dad. Men we must unite and seek out out state legistaturer’s we can change the law but only if we fight to undo the injustice set forth by the government that used antiquated thinking when divorce and custody and support laws were created. the most important change that we need to make is the federal Tax code. Look at your 1040 forms it allows a tax credit for alimony, bbut not child support. Also, we need to make the government created a new tax code for wage assignment. It currently uses the tax code for Liens against us. this tax code when translated to the credit reporting agency causes non custodial parents to suffer in their credit ratings.

  13. The wierdest thing would probably have to be this year. I got my dad some updated swimming trunks. The dude is stuck in some bizzare geometric swimming trunk thing that mom keeps putting him in. Eldest daughter to the rescue!Fathers Day meals, well, he loves anything home cooked. This year I’m making an apple pie and mom is making a pork roast and silver queen corn on the cob and some other stuff she hasnt filled me in on yet.The best fathers day according to my dad was his first one (me), in 1981. Then his second one in 1982 with my sister. And still yet even better in 2004 when my sister gave birth to his grandson. He’s still waiting on my offspring and hes gonna be waiting a while lolThe worst one would have to be the first one we spent after my moms dad passed away. My dad and granpa were pretty close. Taught him a lot. It still stinks but we believe he has reincarnated himself in my nephew, though he is 16 months, my gosh that child acts just like my granpa! lol Hope yours is a wonderful day!

  14. Ahh, Father’s Day. Being both mom and dad to three growing boys, I feel entitled to celebrate both days. A few years back, I took one of my best friends to dinner to celebrate this day. She is in the same boat as I am, and I think if anyone needs an opportunity to enjoy a day, that would be us. Look at us, we’re doing it! Sometimes it can be hard to wear many hats, don’t you think?Tomorrow, I will call the boy’s grampa in FL and we will have a nice talk. Two years ago, we bought him a DVD player. He’s really not the type of person to spend sitting in front of a TV, but he was pleased that the boys thought to get him a present. My oldest even hooked it up for him. And he was pleased. John and his new wife will be back in the Southwest come September and we can all be together. Thank you for establishing a site like this.

  15. I don’t remember there being a big thing about Father’s Day when I was a kid. But as teenagers and adults, my sisters and I finally decided our dad was an okay guy and started to appreciate him a lot more. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but he did the very best he could. I now cherish the fact that he’s 76 and our mom is 75, and while not exactly going strong, they are at least still going. My husband lost his mother in 1988, and his father in 2001 (just a few days before I met him), and I know the loss of his parents is a hard thing to bear. My son wasn’t so fortunate. I was married to his father for two years before my son was born; we divorced when my son was 1, but stayed in close touch for several years after that. After my son and I moved to Oregon, communication kind of broke down (it was never over child support — I never asked for any; my ex sent money when he had it, and that sufficed). The last time my son had a real conversation with his father was when he turned 19, and I asked his father to keep in touch. He said he would, but never did. When my son was 25 I called his father to try to get some communication going, but it didn’t work. My son now considers my current husband (who has been a great dad to his two boys) his father, and that’s who my son will honor on Father’s Day.

  16. My dad and I have always been really close, and I am really thankful for that. I remember the fathers day when I was 17, I got dad a strange but funny gift. My parents have always been gypsies in spirit. During my childhood I lost count of how many trips we took to how many different states. All thru the years, my father only had one wish for himself, a big motorhome. So I was in WalMart one day looking for a present for him. My "boyfriend" at the time wanted to look at model cars, so we went to the toy section. I looked over at the little hot wheels cars and found the gift I was looking for, A MOTORHOME!!!! I bought it and wrapped it 10 times in paper and put it in a box. It took him 5 minutes to open it but he loved it. He still has that one to this day. And I’m almost 30 now.

  17. Yah know…I totally agree with YOu. It seems to me that if I was in YOur same shoes, I’d feel the same. BTW – Your son is cute! I have a 2 yr. old Son, whos a handful, but keeps me sain, and he’s my whole world…can’t imagine life without him!My hubbies in the Navy, so I can only imagine what YOu go threw being a Single Dad. At times, thats what I feel. Hes coming home in Nov. tho, and I can’t wait!!! =) Hope YOur weekend is awesome…and I reallyenjoyed browsing YOur space!…Peace…~ PiX ~

  18. Each year on Father’s Day, my daughter and I make my husband his three favorite meals. We spend the entire day cooking, washing pots and pans, and then cooking some more. It sounds archaic, but it’s really something he appreciates, and she learns the value of making a gift and gesture, instead of just buying things. We eat picnic-style all day, in our small city backyard, and we talk about the things that we love to do as a family. Your blog is wonderful and inspiring. I hope other people who read this space learn to respect single parents more through your experience.

  19. Up until two years ago I hated Father’s Day. My own Father passed away when I was only 5. Growing up without that male influence was hard at times. We had a close family friend that did step into that role when I needed a man to talk with and ask questions that you just can’t ask your mom. He was in essence my second father but had his own family so I never spent time on Father’s Day with him.When I grew up and married my wife I felt that I would at least have a Father child relationship but with me as the Father. Well 17 years of marriage went by and no children. The Lord finally blessed us two years ago with my sweet beautiful daughter. She is the light of my life and I adore her immensly! I strive to be the best father I can be for her and work to enrich our relationship. I don’t think we will adopt any more children, but she is more than enough child.My first Father’s day card had a drawing of a father’s hands cradling a small infant. Inside the card said, "Thank you daddy for catching me". I don’t know where my wife found that card but I will cherish that forever.God bless you with your son and the continuing relationship with your ex-wife. Happy Father’s Day.

  20. Father’s day should just be another day for mothers. With some many single mom now raising their children alone with no support from the father what are we celebrating.? As a single mom of 5 boys I managed to pay off my ex bills, put my self through college , have 2 sons attending college and the 3 other on the honor with no help from the government or my ex. He contributed nothing to them but example of what not to be when they grow up.I wish a happy father’s day to all those single moms who have rising to the occasion and have proven once again that women do have balls.

  21. My parents divorced when I was 7, so I don’t have many memories of fathers day with my dad. My mom said he was always at work [a cop] when my brothers and me were little, so being without him wouldnt be such a big deal. WeNEVER saw him on fathers day, ever. As I got older, fathers day cards became harder and harder for me to pick out. Henever was the camping [we went once, ended up in a motel after the 1st night] fishing, kinda dad. I was never ‘daddys little girl.’ He wasnt a dad like that. He lied to my mom about child support, and lied to us about when he was coming to see us. We sometimes waited 2 hours for him to show up-and he didnt sometimes. We couldnt call him at work, [he wasalways in his car, with his partner] and my grandma never knew where he was, or how to reach him. IT WAS GREAT!! He would lie to us to shut us up, and we got in the middle of all the child support stuff. Imagine being 9, 10, 11,12, 13, yrs old, and constantly saying, "your checks late again dad, mom wants to know wheres the money?" Our visits consisted of walking in the mall for 2 hours, eating, and going home. As we got older, when he was dating my stepmother, we would go there for dinner, visit relatives, and go home. We never slept over, god forbid. We sometimes stayed with his parents, when, upon our arrival, would say to my dad "What are they doing here?"He’d say he had to work, and left… At my house, I met other women, [moms friends] and their children who were having about as much fun as I was with their dads! Yeah, life was wonderful! He wasnt there for graduations, communions, confirmations.. I’m lucky he came to my wedding.. He didnt want to at first, [didnt want to be around my mom, he said. Waited until 2 weeks before my wedding to say he’d be there. I’m 41 yrs old, and still cant pick out serious fathers day cards for my dad. I have to get the humorous ones, [when I do pick them out.] Most of the time, I cant. He never was the "Worlds greatest, with the most patience, or the best dad when you had a problem, dad." Now, hes making up for lost time by saying" You can come to me with a problem, tell me anything you want to." Here’s here for me now, 35 yrs too late. And I still cant talk to him, REALLY talk to him.

  22. I’m happened across your story by sheer coincidence. Father’s Day…you know…I live in Burleson, Texas. Thursday afternoon, a young father from our community was killed in a head-on auto collision. He leaves behind a beautiful young wife and three small children….no matter what you may be going through this Father’s Day….these three kids have lost their Dad forever. To all of you who have a Dad who hasn’t measured up to what you think he should have been….call him…wish him Happy Father’s Day….you matter to him. And feel blest that you have a Dad to call. These kids will never have that same opportunity…and who knows….next year your Dad might not be around either. My parents were married fifty years on June 4….my Dad is my real life hero. My kids Dad, not much of a hero…but you know what…he’s their Dad and he deserves to hear from them tomorrow. Call your Father!

  23. Hey Bud:First of All, Happy Father’s Day. I lost my dad when I was young so I did not experienced what a Dad can do for a kid and the feelings a kid can have for a Dad. I did know that my Dad loved me infinitely and do remember him every day. I wish he could have been in my High Scool Graduation and College graduation. However, I show what I did no experienced to my 3 kids. I kind of transcend how he could have loved me to my kids everyday.Keep doing what you are doing and at the pace you can. Your kid will remember you. If you can, keep a diary with all your thoughts and maybe video tape your self talking to your kid. This is so, when he grows up, you can sit with him and share to him what you may not have had been able to do because of the struggled times you are going through right now.Stay healthy, Keep your hopes :)HG

  24. Hi all, Well being a recently divorced father from my ex wife who chose to follow her greed to another man. She basically destroyed my life and affcted the life of my kids, I love them more then anything in the world. I was married for 10 years and had 2 kids. But I feel alone now in the world and isolated. I still see my kids regularly, howver I feel things are not the same. My ex wife was very harsh how she went about the divorce, she was the one who wanted the divorce because she wanted to be with this other man, her boss in the real estate company she works for. I feel my life has changed so drastically and there were things she had done during the process of the divorce, that were so destructive to me. However, I still try my best effort with my kids as I love them still more then anything in the world, although my ex wife has robbed me in some ways and has altered my relationship with my kids with what she has done, She has done so many things that are so damaging not only to me but also to my kids. However I still go on to do the best I can. My memories of fathers day used to be when I spent time with my familly and kids and how we used to celebrate together just being together and being happy. Things are different now.Brian

  25. I am a father of a beautiful 5 year girl. when I get the chance I will put up a picture so that every one can her. For three years now I have been fighting to get custody of her and now it is coming to a stand still. I have run out of money and if I continue I will not be able to pay my own bills and support my family. She was born with a hole in her heart as is common of the women in my family. Normaly they grow out of if by the age of 2 to 3. My daughters was wide open until she was nearing 4 accourding to our doctors records. The reason being is that she was continualy exposed to smoke by her mother and family that she was living with away from me. And this was stated in her medical records by both her doctor here and her doctor where she and her mother live. I have been consulting with one of her latest ex and between him and my self we have taken pictures of some of the most disgusting homes you have ever seen. Black mold growing on wall. Cigarett filled ashtrays overflowing onto the tabels where my daughter could get to them. Garbage dumped all over the floor of the home, car and front porch. There are numerous police reports of her late night parties with alcahol and drugs in the home while my daughter and her other ex’s son are there. There is also two underaged males living in the home with her, and according to neighbors complaints sexual activiaties take place will these two men are pressent with her in her current appartment. Also stated by several witnesses there is a male with a violent background and doccumented history of drug abuse living in this house. They have also stated that the children have been left at home for several hours un watched. Many of these people are not my friends and we do not get along at all when we are around eachother. But yet they continue to warn me her other ex and the police of these problems and the police state that they cannot enter the house without probable cause. I was not even told the school that she was attenting where they live was hidden from me. There is so much information that the court stated she was to give me and she is in contempt on at least 15 counts and they won’t hold her in contempt. I have used all my resorces to try and help her. I have even writen to the govenor and the bar association the state and have received no responce. I cannot even tell you how worried and scared I am right now. Does any one else know what can be done. P. S. even child services have been notified and will do nothing. Joseph Stalford email

  26. I want to wish all Fathers a wonderful Father’s Day. It is so nice to see so many fathers that care about their children so much! You are an important part of your child’s life! I commend all of you for being there for your children and dealing with so much from your exs. I am a woman, therefore, I know how bitchy they can be. Have a safe and wonderful Father’s Day!

  27. June 19 Fathers Day Upon reading some blogs from ( A Fathers Struggle !) at my space, and Fathers Day just a few minutes from now, i felt the need to write.My parents divorced when I was about 9.. so i have no real memories of what a family father should be,, however i do have some good memories of my childhood with my Dad:).. He always remembered our bdays and Christmas with him was always my fav time of the year, even after he remarried we were included in some family vacations.My Father isnt an affectionate man,,but i love him dearly. I just wish that my children had at least what i have gotten from my father..My oldest , shes 27 now.. her Dad left for Texas when she was 8 months old and she never knew him.. and my other two ages 16 and 14.. have very lil to do with their father.. we separated when the youngest was 2 years old…sadly he has a drug problem and spends alot of time locked up ,even if hes out he wont work and pay support,, mm 45, thousand behind now..and me being disabled I get very lil to live off.That so much dont bother me.. its the last 10 years of their precious lives hes lost touch with.He thinks a visit is stopping in unanouced for 5 min. and making them feel guilty for not keepin in touch with him, lol. he knows lil about what is goin on in their lives. even missed his sons 8th grade graduation,, because he was working on someones car.These two teens are good , sweet kids and would make any Dad proud. i think they have somewhat numbed themselves from the hurt he causes them.There is nothing in this would that can replace the love of a good Father. My hope is that i have filled their lives with enuf love and understanding and guidness that they turn out to be kind, loving, honest understanding and reponsable adults.I feel that any man can become a dad.. but it takes a responsable loving heart to be a Father,,So to those Fathers out there that take part of your precious childrens lives and love , guide and nurture them… Happiest of Fathers Day! and for those of u that lack the skills and love it takes to be Father,, I pray for your children,, cuse u know its not that hard and it doesnt take money.. just your time to make a difference in their lives.

  28. my dad is a total trecky – he loves star trek! both the old one, and the ‘next generation’. so…last year i was looking on ebay to try and find him something unique – and i saw it! a star trek enterprise telephone! no joke! it was in the shape of the space ship from the show, and you lifted part of it off as the receiver! isnt that hilarious? whats your craziest gift?

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