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Thank you MSN and all who visit. I enjoy all the comments and support I get. I hope to update my blog to let every one know what is new. I have many photos to add but I am having problems with my INTERNET connection. I hope to have it fixed soon.    Bye for now…tom g

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  1.   hello everyone this is my first blog!!!!!!lol but i had to write, because you sound like a really great dad.  I just want to tell you that the only way your son can think like you do is to keep him under your wings.  Also i am having some problems in my marriage and divorce has cross my mind, (the jury is still out) the thought of loosing my relationship with my 3 kids is whats keeping me.  I have been with my wife from high school (1979) she is a good person .I am the problem (smile) I  spoiled her because i loved her so much, now that i am more mature i find it had to deal with some things.  Lets hear if you could rewind would you still have gotten the divorce.
      Keep the faith

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