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Hi I plan to write more about this and how my Thanksgiving went. I have a few photos of that too but wanted to get these pics up to share. we had a great time. My son loved all the cool stuff to see and do.
This is where the Dupont Family started their empire. It was where gun powder was made. They used the power of the Brandywine River to run all the equipment to manufacture the powder.
Please visit the Hagley Museum website for more information.
Bye for now and enjoy the pics:)…tom g

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  1. have not been on for a while stoping in to catch up on things. Hope all goes well for your court stuff. Looks like you had a good time at museum. Have a good Christmas!!!

  2. Hi Tom,
    I am sorry I haven’t been here in a while. I am happy for you that you had a great time in the museum with your son, I’ve been thinking of you, hoping & praying that things will get better for you and your son in the new Year.
    A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You & Your Family!
    I hope I’ll find the time to do a little bit more blogging in the next year…….
    Love & a loot of Christmas Hugs

  3. Hi Tom,
    just stepping by to say ‘Hi’ and see how you are doing. I hope everything is well with you and your son and that you had a great Christmas. I didn’t have much time bloging once because I was very busy working and other the slow dial-up limits my Space visitations. I hope things are getting better for, I wish for you that they will!!
    Have a good week,

  4. I just found your space, i did the single dad thing some years ago. My son will be 24 in 2 days. I like your site. Stop by some time. Good luck. Gus.

  5. Just a suggestion.  Buy him a notebook.  Explain that it is his space to write down his feelings, about his mom, you, things that are going on, places he’s been…… etc.  His private mental sorting space.  And keep it private.  Also explain to him that he can share his pages with you "if he wants" but that otherwise it is his and will not be violated.  You could even start a notebook of your own.  And share with him…. sort of an example for him so he can learn to use it.   God be with you.

  6. It’s a terrible thing when parents use and abuse their children to hurt one another, and it happens in so many families when the parents break up.  I saw it time and time again in my professional life as both a teacher and an administrator.  When I was still teaching I asked one of 5 year old students what she got for Christmas and she said, "I got a bike, it’s purple and got streamers and it’s at my dad’s house.  Then I got some (whatever the next thing was, but it’s at my mom’s house".  And so on through the list of gifts she had received.  I was cut to thw quick Mom had a house, Dad had a house, but poor child had no house–no place to belong because she would, quite literally go to one parents’ house one day and the other parents the next. 
    I also know how it feels from a subjective point of view.  I went to pick up my daughter from school one afternoon to find that he’d picked her up and disappeared.  I didn’t see her for over seven years because every time I got close to finding them (they lived on our 68 foot boat), they’d simply pull up anchor and move.  When I finally found them my six year old daughter was almost 14 years old, six inches taller than me and had boobs.  I wanted so badly to strike back at him and have his behind locked up in jail, but that would have been wrong because it would have stolen her dad from her and probably turned her against me in the process.  At that point I was not her mother–I was a stranger, a stranger who she believed abandoned her for 7 long years.  There’s no way in hell I would have ever done anything to tarnish her relationship with her Dad.  But in the end my daughter was able to piece the truth out from the biased version each of us had of what had happened and by then she and I had renewed our bond and she chose to live with me.  Sometimes it still angers me that he abducted her and then forged my name on court visitation papers to keep her from me, but anger is a waste of time–all the anger in the world won’t give back the anguishing years she was gone.  Shes almost 23 now…but she will always be my "baby girl" to me.  Hang in there…and may God bless you and your son.

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