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I had to go to court the 28th and the out come, she did not win. So my visitation stays the same, every other weekend from Friday after school until Sunday night @ 7:30. I hardly had to say anything at all. She did not give the Judge any good reason to change it. I just had to keep my mouth shut and emotions in check. It seems to help not to bring up topics that have nothing to do with what we were there for.(visitation)
My Holidays were great! I was at my brothers in his new home for Thanksgiving Day. We did not have a deep fried turkey like last year but it was just as good if not better. We had all the usual T’day eats. I had the biggest slice of pie I ever eat! It was from a pie made with 5 pounds of apples! Of course I had to put some ice cream on it and heated it up in the microwave for a few minutes. I felt full all the next day.
For Christmas I took my Son to his Grandparents house from the 21st until the 25th of December. He had so much fun. We went to see the light in Ocean City MD.  We went to sing karaoke and he sang two songs. I was surprise he was not afraid, I would have been.
There is a lot more little things that I am forgetting but that is about the gist of what has been going on in my life. I feel bad about not writing so much. All in all, the year has been a good one if only for the fact that I have seen more of my Son that any other year of his life. That make it the best for me…tom g/logansdaddy

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  1. I give you credit.  I am raising 3 by myself too.  One is my son by birth and my daughters were both adopted by me in the past year.  The last came into the world on 12/27/06.  Her pictures are on my site.  Maybe someday I will find a daddy to help raise them.  (I was married, and he died the month before my son died)

  2. Hi Tom, I am happy to read that things are going better for you, oh am I EVER HAPPY for you!!!!!!!! I love the pictures, your son has a very happy look on his face and his eyes are sparkeling, lol!!! The best to you and your family, oh isn’t it super when things are working out???!!!!!
    P.S.: I just read the comment from Maria…..I think I’ll stepp by for a visit……

  3. sorry to hear about your sistuation……. hope things work out. keep your head up, be positive and good things will come your way….
    you will look back on your present sistuation and laugh.. just like i do now.  

  4. Hi.
    I wish you all the luck in the world.You deserve it.
    Being a parent is’nt easy at all.
    Be strong and just do your best it’s good to see a father so involved.

  5. I can understand where your coming from. I’ll be divorced three years in May. It was nothing worse then hell going through it.
    My situation was a lot differant then yours. Concede to it, get it done, kids never had to see a judge.
    That said, I believe deep in my heart, It is the best thing that could have happened to my boys!
    I have them with me 13 to 17 days a month, depending on how things go (heavan forbid it would be more than 50/50) and we have the best of times now! I guess the point I’m trying to make is to hang in there, talk to the EX for business only (kids, finances), it hopefully will get alot better. 

  6. I’m so glad to read that your visitation didn’t change. I know I have to read back as to why she thought it would, so I can get caught up, but I’m glad it didn’t change for you.
    My husbands ex-wife gave him a lot of trouble during visitation. I never knew a woman could be so vindictive. I am thinking of writing a journal now about my life as a stepmom and dealing with an ex, LOL…
    Have a great day!!!

  7. thats great to hear…I wish my situation was as easy as yours, but my sons mother wont even let him talk to me or teach him who I am and it’s difficult with me being in florida and her in NY.  She knows the game and plays it well.  Glad to hear that the judge was on your side.  I hope when I file I get the same results.

  8. Happy to hear the good news for you. You have a cute boy, and I am 100 percent sure you gonna to be a successful father!

  9. I am so glad that things worked out good. I like the photos with the lights. It looks like it was great!!! Heres to a great new year for you Tom!!!

  10. Best of luck. I work with CSEA here in Ohio and I know just how difficult it can be for a Dad to get visitation. Good luck and know you are doing the right things for your children.

  11. Hi Tom  Glad to hear that things are working out better for you and your son.  t sounds as though you are interested in being a good rle model. Kids today sure need good examples to follow. Even something as simple as helping your friend plants a great seed in your sons heart. Someone once told me, when my five sons were young that "our children will do in excess what we as parents do in moderation". That works out inthe good things aswellas the bad ….Keep upo the good work.

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