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I have a new laptop! I filled out about 20 of those drawing boxes at Circuit City two months ago. Yesterday I got a letter saying I won it and I should pick it up in 7 days. I got a ride right there. I thought it would be a basic laptop but I was wrong! It is a HP Pavilion zd8000, P4 HT 2.8ghz, ATI agp 128mb video card, 80gb HD, 4 USB, 17” wide screen, and more!

The price on the hp website says it would cost 1,100-1,400! It has taken some time to figure out all the stuff it has. I think I have done it. Now I have to transfer all my files & photos to my new hard drive.

The wide screen seems to distort my pictures. They are stretched to each side and don’t look right. It should not be that way when I print them, I hope. My old laptop won’t be getting much use now so I have to think of what to do with it. I have another computer running 24/7 for the S.E.T.I. Program. They send it recorded signals to sift through to pick out the interesting signals. Then It sends the good ones back when they’re done. I’ll either out it to work doing that or set it up for my Son to use. I have a bunch of educational games and stuff like that to put on it for him. He knows how to use it. We have used it many times on visits.

I took some pictures of the new laptop. They are in a photo album if you want to see it…tom g

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  1. Hey—Way to go!!! Glad to know that someone really does win that stuff. Nice to know that it was you. Im sure that your son gonna have a ball with his new bikeTake care Kathi

  2. How cool is this. Winning a laptop is awesome. You deserve it. Good things do eventually happen to good people.Blessings,Sabine

  3. Hey! That’s cool. I’m glad to see that someone like you won someting from my employer!You can tell by the referring addy who this is. You left me a message earlier. I just don’t want to tell the whole world that I work for Circuit City. There’s already enough informatin about me out there! LOL!

  4. Too cool. It is nice to see someone actually WIN those drawings. I’ve been religiously filling in the forms on the CSI site to win a Delani. I won’t win but hey gotta try! Take Care~Kat

  5. You deserve it! you really do adn it is fine by me to add me to your favorites but its great that you won!

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