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I’m still working on my “plan” for the future. I am writing a little at a time. It is a work in progress. There’re many thing I have to figure out first, like where I’m going to live. I have to move from my apt. I am about 4 moths behind on my rent. I need to move any way to be able to get my Son for over night visits. My apt is too small, only two rooms. I did not plan on being here as long as I have been. My ssi claim took longer than I thought it would. It was not until I got a Lawyer involved did things seem to move along quickly. I wish I had one from the beginning maybe it would not have taken so long. I need to think about going back to school and for what field.

It would also help to have my license back! It was taken away because the court thought I was working under the table and lying about being unable to work. Now that I have proof that I was truthful I hope they will allow me to drive again. I had to cancel a few visits with my Son because I could not find a ride to pick him up. Many doctors appointments were missed because of this too. I hate going but I need to make every one I can. It is hard to get there in time when the busses are unpredictable. They really suck here in DE. I do not mind taking them but there never on time. If I get to appointment too late they won’t see me.

I have to think more about these and many other thing to get my future planed…tom g

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  1. I know all to well about these struggles, my husband was injured on the job about 8 or 9 years ago. He too had to change jobs and go back to school to retrain. It was hard. But things do eventually work out!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site today. I am really behind and will try to do an update today. Today is a day of not flying and if I’m left alone I will do an update and try to catch up on my emails. I’m thrilled to hear about your laptop. I’m one of those that believe God works for our benefit all the time. We may make mistakes, we may do everthing correct and we may just be a victim – you have heard that many many times. I think with God’s help no matter what the circumstances everything will work to our benefit, happiness, and well being. The computer is a true blessing. I’m not very good at explaining stuff over the internet but if it’s OK with you I would like to tell you why Shelly and I will not have an employer next year when I retire. If you would like to read the story just let me know. Again, congratulations on winning the laptop and good luck on finding a place to live. Also, I just want to tell you from one father (who made a lot of mistakes) to another that your doing the right thing about spending as much time with your son as possible. Good Luck and God Bless YouJerryFeel free to email me at snow_ski12@yahoo.com

  3. hey, things are peachy with me. thanks for checking in. much appreciated t-man.sounds like things are on the upswing for you (aside from the apt thing… i would be a little stressed about that).congrats on the new pc. I’m a little jealous since mine is being shipped off to be worked on.hope you get your license back. praying for things to stay on the upswing for you.peacekaleigh

  4. i hope things are looking better for you. i am back from the wild country but will probably not post til after canada day. take care – bunny

  5. hey there remeber to get on track you can’t do it all at once take it one thing at a time and one day at a time. Good luck in your quest for a new place. You can get it together and straighten out what has been messed up for whatever reasons. It won’t happen over night so don’t get discouraged. Keep forgeing ahead.

  6. Oh Tom! Not money problems. I’m sorry man. Yuck. You sure do sound like your keeping your head up. I hope so! Cool new laptop. I hear ya on trying to decide on what to go to school for… so many possiblities and it seems like such a huge commitment. Like after you spend a few years in school your locked into that career. Not true but thats how it felt to me. I bet your son would love to have that computer! Bet he’d be the only first grader with a laptop! Bye for now!April

  7. Tom,Thanks for stopping by to check in. I’ve been checking in on you but, it’ was a awhile since you had wrote. maybe, I check to often in one day. I thinks it’s cool you won the computer, wish I could say I have that kind of luck. When you think about the future and what you want and where you want to be, that is a task in itself.I hope you find everything you want and need to be able to get closer to your son. Overnights and weekends would be great for the both of you. :)Take care, kep writing.Your friend,Patty

  8. hey – im glad to see your planning things out – thats a weak point of mine! i hope that the court gives you your license back and everything works out with moving – talk to you later :)~mandy

  9. Hi tom, Love your site, and any advice on mine would be great. Sorry about the money problems. Believe me I understand. I have Been out of work since April, I moved and had surgery, wanted to start my life over- things did not quite go as I planned. But noting I plan seems to work out. Take care I hope things work out for you.Jackie

  10. Hello,First visit here and reading through your blog a bit.I feel for you. I lost my license at one point too. I just drove without it. I’ve never been much of one to adhere to all the stupid little rules. (probably bad advise… but that was my choice.)Take Care

  11. I read your site often trying to get ideas for mine. I just started it not to long ago. If you could give me hints for mine it would be great if you could get time. Thanks. I love that you plan i need to do more of that.S

  12. Reading this blog makes me really sad. I don’t have kids, but I recently got divorced and of course I got raped financially. But, that is small potatos compared to being ripped from the life of your child.These courts are completely out of control. If you have child support, you better never get sick or injured, or they will come after you. You are, after all, a man and so you are disposable and only exist to work for the benefit of the government and a woman.These problems are the reason I got divorced. I did not want to have a child given the possibility that my wife could do this sort of thing.

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