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My Son can Read great for being only six. I try to give him words to spell like house, camera, purple to see if he can spell them. He can spell those. I wanted to make it more interesting for him so I had him try to pronounce words back wards. Look he read as kool (cool). Tom was Mot (my ex-s nickname) I tricked him with words like level and radar because they sound the same both ways. I had trouble when he gave me words like hamburger, airplane and building. He laughed so hard to see me TRY to say those words back wards. This was a moment we will remember for some time. It was cute and I just wanted to share it here…tom g


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  1. Thank God for Daddys like you! It will result in the creation of a great, happy, and healthy person. This is so pleasing to see. A relief and reminder of GOOD people out there. Especially compared to what is seen on the news all the time.

  2. That is so cool. And, I LOVE it when a parent encourages reading — good for you!! :-)by the way, love the dog pics 🙂

  3. Great to hear it Tom! I was so glad to hear that the two of you had a great time. The reading game sounds like a lot of fun, might have to try that today (supposed to rain). I copied a list of the Presidents and the times they served. That is what they are working on now (glad they didn’t ask me to list them!). Great pictures as well. That is a nice lookin’ bike, bet he was excited as could be! A lot of great memories, even better when you can catch them on camera! Keep your head up – keep up the great relationship the two of you have and keep your focus on him, you could tell he was happy…that is what matters most!Larry

  4. That is so cute! That made me smile and laugh just reading about it! Awesome! Thanks for the tips for updating my blog. If you check it out, you’ll notice a few changes I made. Let me know what you think!

  5. Hi, I am back, its so funny, I just saw the picture of the dog, My daughters husbancd chose a pitbull and she is adorable also. She just loves my husband for some reason, ( My son in law says its because My husband looks like the top dog) Ha. Any way we love Pitbulls, they do have a bad name. You sound in so many ways like my own son, who has a one year old. We have had such fun being grandparents. I will tell you that my son in law, has had such struggles with being a part time parent though. He works so hard for those few days a week. He has to do several double shifts so he can have days off ( his ex , wont let my daughter have the little boy alone) . Anyway, hang in there, others are in the same situation. I know it doesnt make yours any easier, but just knowing others make it, helps a little I hope. God Bless You. Laurelie

  6. Haha, you are using your mind of being a father, good on you!You know what, when I read "So In a way I got a bonus and 2 Visits with my Son in one visit", I nearly cried. You are a good father, for real!!!Please say hello to Cyara, hehe, I am gonna email her!

  7. I have been reading your sight now for awhile and I really think your a really good dad. Your ex don’t know how lucky she is. I too have an ex and we have a daughter together. He don’t have a thing to do with her. He lives in jail more than he does at his own home. Your ex is lucky she has someone like you that wants to be a part of his life and to help out with him, and know he can go with you and he will be okay. Not everyone has that. I checked out that one site that you were reading with that one lady who keeps trying to kill herself and thought…this is one whacked out site. I commented, but she thought I was just pointing fingers. You know as well as I do when you have kids, you put your feelings and things aside to make the best life you can for your kids. It really pisses me off when some can be so self centered. If she cared at all about her son, she would want to live, and get help for him. He deserves a mother. Instead she is chewing me out for telling her that. I realize it is an illness, but scheesh…there is help out there for them, use it! You should go check it out. Unreal. As for you, hang in there with your son. He is going to have life long memories of all the things you are doing for him and with him. He is sure a cute lil’ guy! Keep in mind, when they are like 13 and older, they can chose where they want to live. With there mom or with there dad. Good things come to those who patiently wait! 😉

  8. I am so glad you had a good visit! It is great to see that you encourage your child to read and write and spell….. Not enough parents do that. By the way, you should put up at least one picture of yourself. I say that because we have been talking back and forth for a while and it would be nice to put a face to a name, you know?

  9. Great new pictures of your son! He’s going to break all of the ladies hearts someday (if he isn’t already). Glad that the bike thing is going well, and congrats on the extra visit! I hope that with your ex having a broken leg, you get a few more extras like this past one! ^_^

  10. My mom and I (I had an absent father) have some memories like that. Thanks for sharing I know EXACTLY what kind of moment you are talking about and let me tell you it will be a special memory for your son too. Keep up the great work Tom and keep sharing!! Love the new pics!!!

  11. Cute boy. I am glad you had a great visit. Always keep in mind it isn’t the amount of time but the quality. You seem to be getting the quality right.

  12. Tom,I’m glad you had a great visit and it lasted you longer than you thought. Keep on encouraging him to read and he’ll be a great reader before he goes into 1st grade.take care and have a wonderful evening.Your friend,Patti

  13. You are a wonderful father. Very rare this day and age. I wanted to thank U for visiting my space also, and your comment meant a lot to me. Anna

  14. Wonderful! Reading and comprehending the words and meanings is the backbone of learning and he is getting it early enough in his life to help him all through his education. You are doing a great job with him and making memories to last him and you forever is outstanding! Keep it up!!!

  15. hey tom – your latest blogs warm my heart – you seem like such a great father. 🙂 i love the new pictures – your son has the cutest big brown eyes! keep it up – it can only get better, right?~mandy

  16. Yeah, it’s great to watch a kid learn. The look in their eyes when they figure out something new. I love it when I have those moments with my daughter. She is 6 as well.

  17. That is so great! I wish that i could do something like that with my dad now but were both a bit to old to do that we have more deep conversations like politics ick lol. Well its so great that you could do that it soulds like ao much fun adn like you both enjoyed it so much i am very impressed that he can do those things at such a young age. I had a horrible time reading at first although not now and i am still not the most garcious speller but i try lol well i hope you to have alot of fun in the future!

  18. That is so great my dad use to read to me when i was yuor sons age. I learned to read when i was his age and i still read all the time its so important. I don’t have a great connection with my father any more but you keep yours with your son strong.

  19. Great pictures Tom — I’m happy to hear your visit was so great. It’s so great to make memories with your son. Debbie

  20. What a cool idea! I’m going to try it with my 6 year old son tomorrow on the ride to school. Thanks for the info.Kathleen

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