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I can not believe that MSN picked my Space to feature! I would like to thank everyone involved w/ this choice. I think MSN’s Spaces is the best of its type out there. It has helped me deal w/ many issues. The comment have truly been a blessing!

I chose the topic I did because I needed to find an outlet for the jumble of thoughts in my head. I needed to "talk" about them. I never imagined I would have so many wonderful comments. I would like to thank everyone who left one. I can not possibly thank you all personaly like I have in the past.

I invite all visitors to leave a comment good or bad. …tom g

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  1. Congrats on being chosen for this feature. I just read your blogs.. I was in tears. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I would not like to be in your position. I think you are handling things very well with all due respect. Keep your head up high and keep looking forward. Someday, you ex will get hers. Someday your son will be able to read and understand your blogs. He will know that you truely tried and that you lived for him and love him with all your heart. Not alot of kids have that in a father. My heart and prayers go out to you. Be strong and be safe! A Mommy in Maine!

  2. Hey I was just reading your space and I thought it was really great, you sound like a really nice guy, I wish you the best.

  3. I read this and my heart reached out to you. I am from the Caribbean and have no kids of my own. but the love of my life are my nieces and it would break my heart not to be with them. I know that there are three sides to a story your perception, hers and the truth. Life is cruel sometimes but do not give up not for your son and especially not for your self. As a young woman i can not say I know how you feel but in your niche trust God to make it work. your son will get big one day and know the truth.

  4. hi there…congrats on being featured on msn…have to say that u have the courage to overcome what ur’e going through rite now…we’ll support u man…:)

  5. Congratulations on your featured blog—I found it to be very timely myself as I have just very recently gone through my divorce…..and learned that court does not always rule in favor of the mom—he had a very powerful attorney—beyond his means—he got everything he wanted—including not having to pay child support—and now, he is claiming bankruptcy due to his extravagant court costs….I had to sell our home (I was left with the entire housepayment as well and working multiple jobs as well– if he kept the house he would have let it go into foreclosure)—otherwise I will be listed on the bankruptcy. Anyhow, I am very proud of YOU for how you are coping with your struggle, and would offer my shoulder for you to cry on if you ever need it. You’re not alone….and you have lots of supporters that you don’t even know of. A very proud mommy of 3 in MN

  6. Hey just stoppin by.. I am a single mother too so I know the stresses that come with that job, anyway nice site and yep MSN spaces has helped me too, to vent, be happy and to let it just all be known. ~Jennifer

  7. My parents are divorced as well so I sort of know what you’re going through.Although I get to see my dad every Thursday and stay at his place every other weekend, I still feel like I don’t se him enough cause he’s always upstate.Anyway, I saw this on the front page of MSN earlier and cursed my modem for failing on me when I tried to log into Passport and al… anyway, I just wanted to say that I really think what your doing is great. Writing stuff down that is. I tried to make one of these.. and I’m still working on making the first post… ^^;;;.. yeah, shows what a deticated teens I can be! lol, just kidding but seriously, I read around and thought how great this is . Not the bad, but rahter a combination of it all.. that you can actually write when your mad too and not type nonsense but rather the real you still. ((myself I’m a typer all the way.. I like roleplaying and such.. really helps my skill.. lol.. lok at me.. rambling.. lol. Beside that. I just think you are a talented writer yourself.))And anyway.. I just realized that it’s 4 AM… @_@ So I must leave it at that and get out of here to actually accomplish getting all my chores done. lol.anyway, I’ll be reading more of this and publishing more comments and such.. me and my silly self..’Night,-Locksharp

  8. congratulations. I saw your blog featured and so came to read it. I haven’t read all of it, but some, and I want to say that I hope you find some justice and will get to be with your son. I have seen cases where the legal system has really failed. In New York its pretty much a given that the woman will receive custody and I’ve seen cases where that was clearly not best for the children, but what does a judge know, who’s never seen you before that day? And the lawyers are truly evil, trying to portray you as some monster by twisting facts. Anyways, its a hard world, and not fair but I would add my agreement with trinibear. God sees the injustice in the world. Sometimes that is the only thing that can give me any comfort or I’d go crazy with anger at it! Seeing you make a blog about such a serious subject makes me think maybe I’ll make one too. I wasnt going to, I didnt think it was a serious thing, but I’d like to maybe tell about some things too. I will not wish you luck, I don’t believe in luck, but I hope with all my heart that you can find a way for you and your son to have the relationship you both need and deserve.

  9. I can relate to what you’re going through. Many years ago my wife took our baby and moved 600 miles away. She wouldn’t let me see him, even though I had a court order as long as I provided 48 hours notice. I paid child support for 18 years, and didn’t see him since he was 6 months old. Finally when he turned 18 he had a desire to meet me, and we’ve gotten together many times since. All I can tell you is this is one of the facts of life today, so be patient, be kind to him and his Mother, don’t dwell on negatives when you see him, just have a good time and make him happy. When he is a legal adult, he can be with you as much as he wants, so make him want that. Be patient, stop letting it eat you, it’s not going to change a thing…except make you sick. Start your life over again and BE HAPPY….plus if you do it will eat at your "ex". lol Good luck!!

  10. DUDE that is a great thing that happened to you and hey things happen for a reason. I hope that your fathers day has been a good one Hope you a great day and a great life*^*JAY*^*

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