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Yesterday i had to go to traffic court because got pulled over last fall for driving while suspended. I have a neighbor who has a 10 month old son. She is a single parent who moved to DE last summer.. Her son woke up in the middle of the night sick. She need meds for him and has never had her lisence. SShe knocked on my door knowing I am usually up all might. She pleaded w/ me to go to drug store to get meds for her son. I couldn’t say no under those conditions. I did not care if i got caought. Well i did and i would do it again if need. I could never think of my own neck when a baby was suffering. She offered to pay my fines but i said not to worry about it. She needs the money for her kid.

I only have to pay $105 in court cost & fines, well worth it!…tom g

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  1. I wish I had more time to write about my experiences with divorce and the so called family court. What I had to go through would shock you. Some say I should write a book. Maybe someday I will.

  2. Well, Hang in there buddy. I too am a single father of 2 children. I am fortunate enough to have custody of my children…I am really happy about that. I won’t say anything bad about their mother…other than the fact that she really didn’t want them. I know, it is sad about that. I was reading you blog and I felt like I had to write you. Keep you head up high and someday things will be so much better. Never give up, keep up the good fight.

  3. Not to be heartless guy but what would a cab have cost?Wait until your insurance company sees your "moving traffic violation.The $100.0 plus will seem like small potatoes. Engage brain then act.

  4. Family court the attorney’s, judges, therapist the whole thing is a horrible ordeal. In the end it is really the child that loses but no one seems to care especially the ex that pushes all of this. I basically supported my exhusband and three children. My exhusband was very abusive toward me and the two older children he always spoke of divorce. I finally had it and decided that would be best. My two older children totally supported the idea and the youngest said it would be good not to have her Dad yelling and abusive all the time. I then tried to buy out his share of the house which was substantial he agreed and two hours before settlement he backed out. I told him at that point that if he did not change his mind I would leave with our youngest child, which I did. I allowed him to see her whenever he wanted but she did not want it. The oldest child helped me move and eventually changed his name to mine because of his father’s behavior. This case took many twist and turns but he got the sympathy of the court especially by poisioning the middle child and promising her that she could have her boyfriend live in the house with them and they would take my money and get my youngest child. Well he didn’t get my money nor the house but he did lie and convice the court to get my youngest child. She is almost 11 and she says I will never give up, she will come home with her Mommy soon. I have told her I have not given up and I will continue to take care of her and that she will come home. I do know the hell you are going through my advice don’t give up be thankful that he is safe and you still have your son. I know it just isn’t fair… is far more than not fair. My little girl wants to come home and all her Father is doing is pushing her away by trying to push me out of her life. I pay my child support…I travel 1 hour each way to see her ever chance I get and someday she will come home. I should write a book. If I had more time I would tell you more but you know what I am saying. IN the end the people that keep us from our children against their wishes will lose. Be the safe haven for your child and care for him and make sure he knows that his Daddy loves him. Have a Happy Father’s Day

  5. Bravo for you! As for the comment about ‘moving violation’ & insurance rates; He has valid point, but who thinks about things like that when someone needs help? Heroes don’t think, they just act.

  6. To the Guy in Traffic Court!,You did the right thing! Screw the the DOT and the Traffic Laws! There was a sick child who needed care and you stepped in and did the right thing, DL or not!, you were very un-selfish and helped this parent in a time of need for the child’s sake. Horrah for you! This world needs to have more people like you in it!Lady from Des Moines, Iowa on your side.

  7. I have made many quick trips to the pharmacy and other places. But I have never been stopped. Might I suggest that your good turn was well intended but one must obey the rules of the road while doing the good turn. Life is funny like that, lots of natural consequences and stuff.

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