Why Do they Cry?

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Not to get off topic but I was watching the news, they were talking about this website. I did not know if I should laugh or cry. I do know it made me hungry.

 Have you ever done this? Not me. Check it out and leave your thoughts.    http://www.cryingwhileeating.com

…tom g

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  1. Half of those people made me laugh because it seemed like the reason for grief was pretty trivial but I don’t generally cry very often even though I am rather sensitive and I would go to great lengths to avoid having anyone see me cry. I have often cried while eating because the worse feeling is being alone in misery and not having anyone to turn to for comfort and seeing no way out. So by consuming something, the idea is that it fills some void or takes back what power someone else has taken away. We at least have control over our own bodies. When in pain we become helpless like infants, curled up and cry out for the comfort of mother’s milk or whatever else is available to substitute maternal affection. At least that is how I feel about it – Bunny

  2. I know you may think things are bad at times, but there are people like me who actually envy you! What I would do for a family. What I would do for children. I envy you and I commend you for your bravery. Keep loving your babies! Happy Fathers day!-JenniAustin, TX

  3. hey very new to this…solo dad here in New Zealand…all the best to you,im fighting to keep my daughter safe as her mum is on some hard drugs.found a link for fathers.com looks interesting ill check it out tommorrow as it’s near 1am now lol.All the best mate…bye

  4. Is that for real? that to me was very strange and I must say i have never tried to eat while crying..is that even possible? I also wanted to say…I am a single mom and my Ex is completely uninvolved with my daughter, I think that is wonderful when a father is there for their child and no mother should stand in the way of a loving father. I dont go for child support against him, and thats because if he gives me money he thinks that paying me money means he is obligated to see her. He made a comment to me that he didnt want a family with me and i made a decision that day and i told him he knew where we are and if he wants to be involved he can find us when he wants to be part of her life ,that was a year and a half ago..I can not comprehend how he can live with out knowing our beautiful daughter. I get really angry when mothers keep fathers away from their kids in spite..its all about the kids..they are first . sorry to vent, but i just wanted to throw my 2 cents in…

  5. I thought that website about crying while eating was ridiculous! They are more liable to choke than be crying over the trivial issues they claim to be crying over. Bizarre!

  6. Hi there, Tom G. I came across your blog and have read bits and pieces, it feels wierd, I feel like I’m invading your space. It sounds silly since you have it for everyone to read. I just want to cry as I’m reading your passages. I can hear your pain. I can’t even imagine if someone came between me and my kids. My husband and I are going through a difficut time right now, he is not the man for me. He’s mean and hateful then he turns around and is wonderful. It has taken me many years to see through him, but I would never take our kids away from him. It’s funny though, not really funny, but the difference between you and my so-so husband (we have been seperated since Aug), he has said in many conversations that when I do geta divorce, he will not come around and see our boys. How sad and selfish is that? He says it would be too painful, hello life is painful, think of your kids. I didn’t see how old your son is? I have a 5 1/2 year old and 20 month old. How fast they grow.Well I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Father’s Day. Erica

  7. My live-in boyfriend is going through a messy divorce. What I, and he, has learned is that the courts believe everything the mom says, and he has to invest in the resources to prove her lies. I can go on and on about the last year – it’s been rough for us, financially and emotionally. She wanted the divorce. She wanted him out of "her" house. She got it, but now she is making it seem like he abandoned her and his two children. He has court ordered visitation with them on Wed nights and every other weekend. That’s about the extent of his interaction with them. She complains to the court that he isn’t involved with the children’s school and/or activities. Saying he is an unfit father. But she never informs him of any events involving them. He always finds out after the fact. The kids have obviously been instructed to not tell their father anything. This is a shame. She wanted him out of her life, and he obliged, but he should not be eliminated from his childrens life. It’s sad. He calls their house each night, but always an answering machine, and no call back. His daughter was taken to the hospital the other night for an asthma attack and he was not notified (she is fine thank God). She, his ex, is making in very obvious that she now lives an alternative lifestyle with her "girlfriend". We cannot prove this in court, but everyone in town knows about it. This whole thing is just a messed up situation. And to top things off, he has to maintain all of her household bills because she attends school full-time. (mortgage/cable/electric/water/taxes). We are not sure if this is the normal way divorces go, but it just doesn’t seem fair. Her and her girlfriend live in this house, and they are getting a free ride – at least until school is done in July. But who knows what will be ordered when she graduates – hopefully.Sorry for going on and on, but I wanted to let you know that you are not the only one out there. It’s a shame that "mom’s" can get away with so much. Hang in there, one day your son will know the whole story – the truth. Thanks for creating your blog. – Sebring

  8. I just wanted to let you know that this is a wonderful thing you are doing. More people should express themselves. I have just started my space and it means a lot to me even though I only have two entries. I had my son premature and he is the world to me. I do have him and I dont know what it would be like to be in your situation and not. I dont know what I would do without him so I feel for you from the bottom of my hear. I am a mother and I will be forever. I have listed your space on mine if that is okay. If you do not approve of that then you are welcome to let me know and I will remove it. Tina

  9. Just wanted to Wish u the Happiest of Fathers Day.Treasure each day u have with your babies…Any male can become a dad..but it takes a man to be a father. May each day bring u a smile.. some laughter and tears.. Hugs nancy

  10. I have seen this movie. It does come to an end and if you continue your quest you will get the desired result. I know what you are going through.Joe

  11. lol cant say that i ever did that….overall good site….must get tons of hits to be the featured space and whatnot

  12. I believe you are setting an awesome example to all the single dads out there. I know that it can be difficult at times, but it seems you have a great online support net! My husband was adopted (like me), and raised by a single father. And history has a weird way of repeating itself sometimes. I was gone for 90% of 2004, and left this March for a year tour to Afghanistan. So my husband is at home with our almost 3 year old son and our 4 year old daughter. I have the utmost respect for you both, and Happy Fathers Day!

  13. Coooee from Down Under. Wow, what a revelation to read about the otherside. I’m so sorry to hear about the pain it has been giving you and I commend you on finding/looking for ways to release this pain. That is the trick….life will continue and move on when we find the way to release the pain. The head space, I find, is the living hell if the exit is blocked!! You are on a good thing by expressing your thoughts albeit via this site of yours…..your emotional support is coming via like-minded people who have read it and have left their comments to you. I am a single mum whose partner didn’t want to be a dad….his life was too busy and important. We have had no contact and my daughter is now 13yrs old and becoming a beautiful accomplished young lady. In Australia the S.S supports us while we look for work and do study to be able to have the qualifications to find work. In comparison to you I’d say we have it a lot easier than in the States. Life sets its challenges regularly for me and sometimes I don’t make the grade….friends then help me put into perspective my "warped at the time views". I expect that guys, unless taught at an early age, do not find the asking easy. Bless you in all your endeavours and that you have "put it out there" for the Universe (ie Emails) to help you. The world really has become small since the creation of the Internet, hasn’t it? if you can believe that "what you think will manifest" then think of all that you want and need in the positive (make a list even and read it often), do not pepper it with the "what ifs" or it will cancell them. It’s amazing what will be put in your path to help you achieve it. I have achieved many things this way and it has sustained me in my darkest hours too. Think of the possiblities!!!!! Take care of yourself or you will not be able to take care of your son. Bless you again. Karen

  14. Hang in there. I can only imagine what you have endured. I too am going through a tough time and enduring betrayal of the person I loved deeply for five years. I am lucky in the sense that I did not have a child with this woman because I can only imagine the complexity that it would have added. But if my situation did end up like yours (with a child) I would have been a good father and loved my baby as deeply as you do. Take good care of yourself and god bless…

  15. I think you should go visit your Dad’s grave.I lost my Mom 14 months ago, and when I first went I was a flood of emotions. Now it is a comfort, I talk to her as if she were still here, it is the only place I can go now and still feel a sense of closeness.As far as 1 of your other blogs about your spelling…tell them poo poo on you, you don’t like it no one if forcing you to read it, I can’t believe someone would actually say something about it.I feel for you about your son. My husband has a daughter, luckily she is now 20 but she was 2 when Mom decided to get a new boyfriend, we paid alot of child support and got very little visitation, she was always busy. Now she knows what her Mom did and we have a wonderful relationship with her, the other thing we didn’t do which let me tell you took every ounce of strength I had, was not to say ANYTHING bad about her Mother, believe me there was plenty to say.I will write more to you later,Sundye

  16. That was silly. l’ll add ice cream to my shopping list though. yummm…not with my hands though..gross

  17. Tom,Your are an amazing Dad. I’m a single mom and my Ex left when I was 5 months pregnant and …voila..he called for the first time in 10 years a month ago..because now he says he misses her daughter!!! I never understood how a man could walk with peace knowing he had a daughter somewhere. I think it’s great when a father is there for children, even if they don’t get along with the mother… My daughter is still not very happy with her Dad appearing in our life…but I know it is important for her to have a relationship with him.I hope you have a great Father’s Day!!I’ll be dropping by soon.Bye,Marian

  18. "Woe until you who would hurt a child"In our area, men do not have a chance. In our situation, it was my husband’s ex who was emotionally and physically abusive to his son. We always told him that we would protect him but we had no power to protect him. We told him that we could go to court and they would tell her that she would not be allowed to beat him. They told her, but it was life as usual. She had "live in’s" throughout the years; the one who stayed around the longest was the town’s cocaine dealer and did not have a drivers license for several years due to DUI’s. When we had a psychological evaluation done because of our fear about the coke dealer in the house, she lied and said he didn’t exist. That put an end to that–she didn’t have to defend someone who did not exist. This evil, vindictive, woman lied every time we took her to court and even when we had a judge who would try to exert some authority, she laughed and would say, "No judge is going to tell me I can’t hit my kid". It has been 16 years now; we were last in court where we presented $8,000.00 in unpaid medical bills. She told the judge, "Well, you can’t get blood out of turnip." If a man had made that kind of comment, the judge would have thrown the turnip in jail. Instead, she ran his courtroom and called all the shots. I think every Family Court judge needs to be required to watch three months of Judge Judy; Judge Judy would have ripped her to shreads. There is a group called "Children’s Rights Council" and their logo is "The best parent is both parents". Let the children know their parents; they can decide for themselves how they feel about a parent. My husband has ALWAYS taken the high road. No matter what is ex did (and believe me, she lived to make him miserable), he never stooped to her level and he never trashed her. I would encourage each of you to do the same; don’t let your child hear (or over-hear) you trashing his/her parent. Our son is now 16 and our relationship is fantastic. It will pay in the end to take the high road–I promise; if you stoop to the level of your ex, the child has no one to count on. By being the bigger person, the child will have at least one strong parent to depend on. Remember when you hear his/her voice, "I will take the high road".

  19. I read your blog and I’m intrigued. I do hope everything works out for you and your son…..remember keep your head up above all else. You sound like a good person and I wish you the best in all that you do. Have a wonderful Father’s Day!Take Care.ChristinaHouston, TX

  20. Crying while eating? Just proves that just when I thought all the ideas about sites on the net had been done….well…people cry while eating, take their pictures and post them on the net. THE MADNESS!

  21. I also must say I admire your dedication to your son. I am also divorced from my wife , she found another man and left me. My divorce was final in April.I can understand alot of what you say here in this site as I can relate to alot of what you are thinking and going through. I am from Canada and I know for certain that when it comes to divorce fathers generally and in many cases get trampled. For example, I never did anything wrong and my wife has gone to another man because of money and her greed, she destroyed my life and affected not only my life but my kids. I love my kids very much and I still see them regularly thank god. I also understand how you felt when you said you could not pay support for your son. My situation is different, I have been paying all along, however having said that my wife left me with about $20,000.00 dollars of debt and legal expenses on top of that, alot of the debt was her incurrances but because of the way things work in courts the debt is my responsibility and she refused to take responsibility for her debts. Truly I have heard so many cases of father nearly getting their lives destroyed completely, yet the other half is off enjoying life to the maximum meanwhile leaving the fathers to financial squander and ruin in many cases. So much so that you can read litterally hundreds if not thousands of cases where father had taken their own lives as a result of some of the things that can happen and be the result of divorces. It is also indicated that in divorce proceedings in many cases , especially where there are kids concerned and custody battles that woman will many times come up with the most obnoxious lies to win their way in court, even going as far as accusing their ex husbands of child molestation of his own kids. There is a bill that was being developed in Canada to deal with such allegations, because the affects of such accusations can destroy a person and also affect the kids involved. It is absolutley amazing how the court systems are in western countries. Not only in Canada im sure in usa and also europe. The court systems are designed with the favor of the mother in the family no matter what. That is why someone as my wife can be off with some rich guy, meanwhile yet I suffer terribly in my life and yet still have to pay her. She has it made she has all that she needs has her own place, has her own career, has the rich guy she decided to get involved with, and still has me paying through my teeth while im still fighting to pay for her debts, along with the lovely legal bill I was recently handed after about a year of turmoil. She is bleeding the life right out of me and the thing is the system thinks thats ok. It blows my mind, keep in my she is the one sho cheated and went off with this guy.As for the last response from Kim in this column. It is not a wonder one would talk about their ex, especially when their ex has done a good job at wrecking a person’s life and or wrecking the relationship between a father and his son. Obviously Kim you do not know the level of pain one might be suffering in a divorce. If you have never gone through such turmoil, you would never know.As for the father of this blog. I wish you all the best and you are doing the right thing to love your child even though you are divorced now, to love your child is so very important. I love my kids more then anything in my life. I wish you all the best and keep on keeping on and keep a positive outlook.Perserverence will pay off in the future. Hang in there and best wishes.SincerelyBrian

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