What Does Our Dreams Mean?

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I hate having a dream that stays on my mind all day. I might be more inclined to believe they meant something if they made sense. If I was to fall asleep thinking about if I should move or not then had dream that I did move and it worked out. Then I could say well that dream meant I should go ahead and move. BUT… dreams don’t make it that easy on us do they?

Last night I had a dream that I kept forgetting I had a vehicle and would fast-walk home from work one some hilly ass streets! Half way home I’d remember about the car I drove to work and had to go all the way back to car. Then drive home. Every day it was same thing.

I work from home and there are no hills around me. I do have a car. I have no idea what that one was about but I wish all that crazy fast-walking made me burn off some cals here in the wide awake world though…would have been nice.

If anyone has an idea on this dreams meaning or just a comment at all please post it. Or tell me about a weird dream you had and what you think it might mean!


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