A letter brings two Louisiana families together

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A woman’s father passed away and shortly after she heard music playing because a new baby was born. Someone near her said “well then that’s dad’s angel” and that gave her an idea. She wrote a letter and took it to the maternity unit and asked them to give it to the first baby born after the time her father passed. What do you think the letter said? To find out read full story here:


A lot of people i know believe in reincarnation. I am not sure either way but sometimes i get pulled one to one side. This story is makes me wonder about things all over again. I think our spirits are like water. Water we see and use today has been around since it was created by a Star before the Earth even formed! Our physical bodies are just temporary and will turn back to dust but our spirits might be passed on to a new body to continue on into the future!

What do you think happens?

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