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Ithink I am going to have trouble again this Saturday when I pick up my Son. I called her to say that I am going to pick him up. I said that I would have my bro inlaw with me the whole time just to make her happy. I also asked for a copy of the order that said ONLY my bro inlaw can be the ride. She got pissed off because she know it does not exist. I went to the court and looked through my records and could not find this order nor could the clerks there. I did find the latest one that said it could be any adult. Just like I told the cop the last visit but he chose to take her word for it. I also asked her why she would not let her ex and I go together with my son and his bro, she said that her ex was not allowed around my son. Thats odd I thought and asked what he did to be kept away? My son calls him dad too and he was ok when they were together. She got angry and started to curse me then said "just try to pick him up on Saturday" and hung up on me! This can only mean trouble! I call the police to see if they could listen on the phone to her threatening me. The cop told me just to tape it for court. I asked if this was legal and he said it is so I guess I’ll have to do it. It is the only was to get the "proof". The court may choose not to allow me to play it though but I will still have it for the future.
I long for the day when all this is settled so I can be a better father for my Son. My ex knows I could do a better job right now but refuses to admit it. She needs some serious help. One day she’ll realize it but it will be too late. I do not wish our son to hate his mom but if things continue this way he will. I hope she gets help soon. There is a lot that I can not write about at this time. When I can I will…tom g

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  1. I am sorry she is being so mean and giving us good mothers a bad name! She should have your son if she is going to be like this. yes in time he will hate her for the things she is doing by keeping you out and not letting you see him when its your time. I have been done the same way but my son for now is mad at me. but that will change when he sees its been his dad that hasnt let me be in their life. Just wish i had of done something about it sooner then now but lessons learned and now i am picking up the pieces and moving forward trying to be apart of their lives but as for my son its harder when he doesnt talk to me and all but my love for him is here and wont go away.Dont give up and keep fighting for what is right as I am too now. best of luck and happiness for you and your son. god bless.

  2. Some info I found foor you about tape recording…Del. Code Ann. tit. 11, § 2402(c)(4): Delaware’s wiretapping and surveillance law specifically allows an individual to "intercept" (defined as acquiring the contents of a communication through a mechanical device) any wire, oral or electronic communication to which the individual is a party, or a communication in which any one of the parties has given prior consent, so long as the communication is not intercepted with a criminal or tortious intent.However, another Delaware privacy law makes it illegal to intercept "without the consent of all parties thereto a message by telephone, telegraph, letter or other means of communicating privately, including private conversation." Del. Code Ann. tit. 11, § 1335(a)(4). The wiretapping law is much more recent, and at least one federal court has held that, even under the privacy law, an individual can record his own conversations. United States v. Vespe, 389 F. Supp. 1359 (1975).Under the wiretapping law, communications intercepted illegally, or the disclosure of the contents of illegally recorded communications, can result in prosecution for a felony and a fine of up to $10,000. Del. Code Ann. tit 11, § 2402 (b). Civil liability also can be imposed in the amount of actual damages or a fine of $100 a day for each day of violation or $1,000, whichever is more, along with punitive damages, attorney fees and litigation costs. Del. Code Ann. tit. 11, § 2409.Installing a camera or other recording device "in any private place, without consent of the person or persons entitled to privacy there" is a misdemeanor, and under a 1999 amendment, the use of hidden cameras to record individuals dressing or undressing in a private place is a felony. Del. Code Ann. tit. 11, § 1335(2), (6).~♥~Michele~♥~

  3. YOu are doing a great job with your documentation. One of these days the courts have to wake up and realize the truth. Just remember, "what goes around comes around". Boy oh boy is she going to be in for it. Hang in there.

  4. I’m sorry to keep harping on this, but, I don’t undertand. I’m not from Deleware and I know the laws differ from state to state, but, if she is acting this way and she continues to give you a hard time about your visitation days, the court will normally step in at this point and either award more custody to you or make an Order to where if she gives you trouble you can show a police officer and they have to follow the Order, not take her word for it. Also, the court does not normally suggest supervised visitation for nothing and only based on her word against yours. That’s called unfair judgement. See, I’m a single mom of a six year old and his father has set overnight visitation because they would not take my word against his. I just find it troubling that you continue to say that the courts and police officers and your ex are so against you and I feel bad to say this, but, are they right to do so? Maybe they are. I feel bad for your situation, but either redeem yourself or hire better representation and don’t do the court work yourself. Alot of times you can find legal aid to help you for an inexpensive price. But, if the courts keep denying you all that you ask for, maybe there’s a good reason for it. I’m not trying to be a downer, or cast accusations, but I really don’t beleive all that your stating on site. I think your trying to gain sympathy for something maybe you don’t deserve to get it for. I’m glad you love your son, though, that’s the most important thing. If you care so much, hire some help or ask a law student help you to get into court and prove yourself.

  5. Maybe you should request a psychactric evaluation on her through the court to try to get custody. This is nuts and this lady should not be able to pass one. I dont know about that one. She should let you have your son and it should not matter who accompanies you.

  6. Hello,Wow, I hope that she will be happy someday. I do know that you are a good person and I know your boy sees this too. I will be crossing my fingers for you Tom.

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