A fun day!

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So as not to enrage the beast I had my bro in law drive again and will I guess until I get the order changed. Just to make her happy even though I have not found this part of the order that said specifically it was to be ONLY him.
I got there on time and he was ready. She asked me for my drivers license to see if I really had it back. This was odd because I was not even driving and the cop last time told her it was ok. I just showed her any way without hassle.
There was a fair at the train station in Wilmington DE about 2 miles away so we went there. They had a Amtrak train giving rides about 7 miles up the rails and back. He loved it:) He got to look out the window and go up where the driver was. The conductor was a woman about 26. She told Logan what all the controls did and answered all his question and let him blow the horn. I think she spent more time with my son than the rest of the kids. Maybe because he had the most questions? There was an old steam engine from where we used to go some distance away. They drove it to this station from where it’s usual home. We rode this on before at the other place and Logan remembered it by the number in the front and the way the wheels looked. He also remembered the caboose. We got to go up on the cars and engine. He loved to look in where the fire is burning but it was HOT. He asked if he could put some of the coal in there but they said it would be too dangerous, he understood and was not upset.
There is a "Tall Ship" called the"Kalmar Nykle" docked nearby for the day too. It was all hand built over some time by volunteers. It is a exact replica of the original. We got to walk all around. We got to look at all the cool stuff like the cannons and huge wheel used to steer. He was all into hearing the woman talk about the history of the ship and how they built the old way with little or no power tool, all by hand. That is why it took so long. He was smart enough to ask why there was an engine if it was like the real one. They laugh because they did not expect a kid his age to notice this. They told everyone they had to have it for safety reasons.
After that we played on the rides and the games they had for kids. They had a music show and kids got to sing. My kid was a big show off and got every one clapping for his performance. I the loudest one.
The city had all there new trucks and equipment set up in a big parking lot for all to climb up on and sit in. Logan could not decide which to attack first. He remembers when I would bring him to my last job as a truck driver. I would go in to let my co workers see him and for him to ride around the lot steering my truck from my lap. He loved to pull the air horns. He noticed these trucks had them too and started to pull it on the truck we were checking out. I had to stop him because all the other kids started to do it too and the people were starting to look our way. They had back hoes and huge dump trucks with monster snow plows on it that were taller then he was. He spent a lot of time checking this one out. They also had a sweeper truck we looked at all the weird stuff on it like all the extra buttons inside and the big broom wheels. He loves all kind of truck.
Time went by very fast and before we knew it we had to be on our way to take him home. I got to his house at 3:25pm and his mom was not there so we waited til about 3:40 when she and her b.f drove up.
Her new b.f wanted to talk to me to so I spent some time talking to him. I felt uncomfortable with it because I had heard it all before how he did not want to take my place as my son dad and that he did not want to be in the middle of me and my ex’s troubles. I was respectful and listened. I let him know that I had nothing against him because he seemed to be concerned about what I thought of him. We talked for about 10 minutes and then I hugged and kissed my son good bye again and left.
I was mad at my self because in my rush to get to the fun I forgot to get my camera out of my car. I could have taken ton of great pics today, I always in too much of a hurry.
I also made another mistake too. I decided to record all verbal contact I have with her. I did today about her asking me to provide her with my license even though I was not driving. I was expecting more trouble from her today. I had no evil intent only to have evidence of her b.s. where she could not lie her way out. Well, I had a bag full of clothes for my and I put my recorder in this bag but when I dropped him off I forgot to remove it from the bag. So now she know that she should watch what she lies about. This was why I felt uncomfortable with this sneaky method but what else what I to do to prove her lies? I do not know if I should continue or not? What would you do?

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  1. I would continue, if she suspects, she will only be nice to you. Then again, who is to say she isnt recording you. You should always cover your a**. I feel for you. Keep hold of your sanity, you will need it!!! Experience tells me that she will probaly go off the deep end soon…..kat

  2. Haven’t heard or seen you over in awhile. I read that life has you pretty busy. Just came by to see how you were and to say hi… HI! =)Tammy

  3. Hey! Nice to see you around. You come by out of your hidey hole more often! lol Secret word of the day is exposure… Can you say exposure? I knew you could. LOL Meka leka hi, meka hiney ho. Kidding… =)Tammy

  4. well i guess the recorder is gone i dont think she will give it back,,,but yes tape everything if you can .sounds like you had a blast with your son…..

  5. Hi Tom, GREAT to share the HAPPY times with you! Sounds like an AWESOME day, and one that your son will likely NEVER forget. Those days, no matter how sparse are the most important times in a child’s life! You’re a rare breed these days… unfortunately.Keep fighting the good fight my friend!Bryan

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