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Hi ! Ive been busy tring to get every thing together for the Deputy D.A. from family court. I know he thought I was bull*%#ing him about my medical situation. He’s in for a surprise because I have letters from all three of my Drs. saying that I am not able to work. So I wonder what he’ll ask me for next. I have everything they have ever ask for. Tomarrow they have it too. I hate having to give personal medical info. I shouldn’t be forced to give it!

I learned how easy it is to send and recieve faxs with the ‘windows fax console’. Don’t need a fax machine either! There were many time i needed to fax something & had to go somewhere to do it. I could’ve done it from my laptop.

There is prob. more i could write about but I have a headache so I am going for now … t g / logansdaddy

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  1. Hi~!what’s going on?。。。。。Tomorry is mother’s day,remember to blessing her。。__ ㆀ● ” __ ┏■┛____┛┓ P.S: you space is very nice!。。。。 。。。If we become friends i will very glad。and welcome to my space,。♡ congcong ♡

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