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     Hi, I know I haven’t been ‘ritin’ much lately. It’s not that i’m too lazy, but I found an old computer that was left out for trash. It is only a 350mhz PII/MMX, w/cd-rom. It was running win 98se, but I put win xp pro. Hard drive is only 10gigs.

     I am in the process of "kickin it up a notch" by over-clocking it. Must be careful though, don’t want to fry it. Maybe someones kid might need a first computer. Better to destoroy an old 1 than a brand new 1.

     For now, I have it working on some work from S.E.T.I.( )They use other peoples computers to sift through radio signals from space and seperate the noise from the more "interesting" ones. It uses almost 100% of the processors "power" and is a good test to see if it can handle the upgrades I’ve made.

      More later…t .g ./LOGANSDADDY

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  1. You are one good daddy. Love the way you think about life. You have a good heart. Like the interest you take in your son – he is one lucky boy, to have you as a daddy. Am new to this space, but will be visiting your space in future. Good luck w/the X and God Bless your & your beautiful son. JRCPS: Not on members directory as yet.

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