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I’ve had this Space for about three months & it took some time to figure out how to use alll it’s features. I think its the best and easiest to use. This one is the only one that I ever update any more. I love the way u can see most poeple who visit my space. I can also visit their space if they have one. Some come from search engine like yahoo or google. My space was on the top of yahoo’s 1st search page when I searched "A Fathers Struggle". That was pretty concidering I have other websites I paid to have list & they are hard to find on any search.

This "space had 585 visits, 197 this week alone. I have found that the more u update the more visits u get. So I try to update something every day even if its only the layout or theme. Any update or change get "spaces" listed on the "recenntly updated spaces" page or the "mores paces" page. Lost of people, including myself, watch these page for interesting spaces titles, then visit them. There are tons of cool spaces fromm people of all ages from all over the world. Some are in different lang. I check out pis & read about there life or what ever. I some times leave comments if i like there space or one of there blog entries.

The comment i recieved under the "Been Busy" (5/3/05) enrty reall touched me. They said my son was so adorable. It wasn’t a very long comment but I have been having a rough time ove the last year or so and this comment realy made this whole "space" thing well worth the time i put into it. I had to visit her space to leave a comment thanking her for her comment abotu my son.

I started this space to get thing off my chest because i spend most of my time alone. Things kept building up inside me that i need an outlet for. Its no replacement for having some one to talk to, but this space is the best "listner" I’ve had to "talk" to for a long time. It never dissagrees w/ me, never says "I talk to much" or any complaint at all.

Well, I better leave something to write for later! Thanks for

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  1. Your story is touching. I have a friend who was going through a similar situation as you are in and my heart breaks to hear about dads who WANT to be in their child’s life and are being prevented from being all they could be to the little one. You are a srong man, and hang in there. In the end everyone gets what they deserve and you deserve more time with that little man. You truely are an amazing daddy…

  2. Logansdaddy….Just do keep in mind that it’s not good to keep things bottled up and it is good to talk to people even if they are complete strangers. Time will allow things to get better. Just keep trying to see your son, he is a handsome little guy and the smile shows on his face that he is lucky in life. The hardest thing is being seperated from someone who is a part of u….but u will get what u have been longy for and that is more time with you son…I strongly believe in Karma. Just keep faith and I will keep u in prayer.

  3. Thanks for visiting my space & for the nice comment… Glad you enjoyed it… I like your space too… the pictures are adorable… Good luck with your "struggles" I know it must not be easy… Please come back & visit Redvelvet’s Underground anytime!!! Take care… CIAO!!!

  4. Hang in there. Thanks for the comments and prayers. "Sugar" is the word used to describe the town’s biggest employer which is Nakambala Sugar Estates, a huge and profitable sugar plantation. See you soon! Kevin

  5. Life isn’t easy, I know. I’m a single mom (been single since 96) and it’s hard. my boys are with me and the eldest’s dad is no longer alive and the youngest has no contact (due to a restraining order). I wish that my boys could have contact, but it’s impossible. I hope that you have a wonderful father’s day. I’m positive your son thinks of you everyday. Even after 14 years, my eldest still thinks of his father every day – without fail. As you think of your own, so does your son think of you. Never forget that.I do webdesign (it’s my hobby) as well. I love it!I hope you have a wonderful birthday and father’s day!!~*`~Happy Birthday~`**`~Happy Father’s Day (early!)`**~

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