The 4th!

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Happy 4th Of July every one! I took some pictures out of my window. I got a free show and did not have to leave home. Just turned out the light, sat back & enjoyed the fire works show. Here are the ones that turned out ok….tom g

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  1. Tom, I hope you have a good fourth. Just so you know you used a dollar sign instead of a 4. Its okay though….I hope you have a good holiday….Tina

  2. Those are excellent photos. You are very fortunate to be able to watch fireworks from your window. I watched the Canada Day fireworks in Victoria and it gets very cramped from early on in the day, parking is insane. I showed up about three hours early and it was almost too late to find a place to sit. Take care – Bunny

  3. Hey-Glad to hear you had a good fourth! I watched some fantastic fireworks with my boys Monday night. I think it was the first time ever !Nothing like watching something so beautiful while holding those that mean the most to you!Hope your son is well !! Take care- Sheila

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