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  1. Hang in there – I understand that the situation can be unbearable at times but keep your eye on the future. Be the best dad you can be when you spend time with your son – he WILL remember and LOVE you. When he gets a little older HE WILL start putting the pieces together and if his mom worked to keep you two apart – it is possible that she will bear the brunt of his anger when gets older. I have several friends that are from divorced homes where their mom’s kept them away from their fathers (who were trying to be very good fathers – not being kept away for any safety concerns) just to be spitefull. With my friends at least, now that they are adults, they spend most of their time with their fathers and can’t get over what their mothers did to try to wreak that father/child relationship. One of my friends now has little to do with her mother, well, just desserts I suppose.I hope that your ex has someone to tell her to think about the future and that one day your son will be old enough to determine who to visit and who to respect.Again, hang in there and do the best you can with the messed up legal system we have in this area.Rob

  2. Oh man…live is a never ending battle or so it seems. Hang in there…remember that the battle being fought is not only for your self but your som also…he will look back at this as an adult and thank you…My prayers are with you that perhaps the ex can find it in her heart to let her bitterness go and then the both of you can completly heal and move on!

  3. hey,thanks for sharing. how does a space get put there? i know i didnt do it. Im sorry to hear you are having to go back to court. All you can do is continue to be the best father you can be and it seems that is the attitude you have as well!

  4. Thanks for sharing the article. I loved it. I have four sons and could probably write a BOOK on all the mistakes I made (am still making).

  5. The article that you posted was well worth a look, brought a smile to me, and I passed it on to my sister…Best of wishes

  6. Hi Tom, I hope all is well with you and your son. I forgot to ask you something when I last wrote you. When you found my space listed at that other place you said I could erase your comment if I wanted. Why would I want or need to do that? Is that a place I dont want my space listed? It looks like my space is for sale? But like I said, I didnt do that. So, could some one have gotten in and done it and if so why would they want to?Im just curious because you seemed to know what it was all about :)Hope to hear from you soon.

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