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I am still going through all the comments and would like to thank every one who left one. I never imagined I’d be chosen by MSN to be featured. If my Little Space can make it anyone’s can.

I will reply to every one but it will take some time. I feel obligated to thank each one in person. If any one has any questions about there Space, just ask. It may take a day or two but I’ll try to help if I can.

I have tried to use other Blog sites but always found this one the easiest one to use. If you dig around in the settings you will easily figure out how to use all the features. Who knows maybe you’ll find your Space featured! Just be honest and keep on writing:) I’ll be thinking of new things to write about and catching up w/replies

Stop in again sometime, I’ll be here! …tom g

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  1. I have two blogs *blush* — it happened "on accident" Lol — once I started one, and then saw MSN spaces, I couldn’t give up the first one – have friends on there. Only been blogging less than a month. The other on is on bloglines, and it’s okay. 🙂

  2. Hi KathrynHowls! I’m with ya on the blog thing. Here’s a quote from my space: March 08 Yet another blog… Why do I do this? I already have one blog at livejournal and three blogs at googles blogger. I just want one simple place to do all my stuff. I don’t feel like cutting and pasting all my stuff from the other blogs and then deleting them. But I don’t want to just delete them either. However, I also hate the idea of my material just floating around in cyberspace, in the junkyard of forgotten weblogs either. I thought that Blogger was the &*%, but MSN spaces is even better. Maybe I will cut and paste…and delete. >:o]

  3. nice blog! there is a program (w.bloggar) that let’s your post to all your blogs at once. its a little bit complicated at first, but it saves you a ton of time once your used to it!

  4. I have not figured out much yet for a space..have been surfing around the different ones and I think MSN spaces is the best I have seen. I found a guy who has a space who is truly something else…you should check it out.. it is really helpful in putting content in your space and making it your own. Keep up the great are doing just fine!!

  5. Really enjoyed your space and read quite a few of your blogs. Very interesting story. Especially for me. I’ve done a space about being a stay at home mommy… kind of a girls perspective of what life is like when Dad works and mom stays at home. Sorry for your troubles… Toby and I got pregnant not really knowing eachother well enough to be mom and dad but I always knew that this baby belonged to him and his family as well as me and mine. Things worked out well for us. I geuss I want you to know that Dad is very important. Don’t give up on whats right.

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