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Today when I was out, I saw a kid about 3-4 riding a bike with no training wheels. I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe how well she was doing. I remember when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to get a bike to ride. I took me a few bumps and bruises before I got the hang of it.

 My Son has yet to learn how. When its nice out on the days I have him we get his bike out but he is still too nervous without the t-wheels. He tries though and thats all I can ask of him. I get him next Sat I hope its not raining as usual so we can practice more:)…tom g

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  1. I really like your site.I have a two kids of my own, one who is 7 months old and im still with his mother. The other who is nearly four I never get to see and it breaks my heart to think about it. Im in the UK and its sooo hard to get anything done about the situation.You asked to hear the likes and dislikes about blogs & spaces, so here are my views;I have a blog and I have a website (www.goosesoup.com). I very rarely put names into my blog though and the main reason for this is that there are people out there who use this information against you. I was actually blackmailed a little of three years ago, because i was putting very personal information on my blog that lead to one person being able to find out more information about me that my client (im a freelance designer), would not appreciate. Stuff that was in my past you know?However… I do love Blogs/Spaces, and I love to read the ups and downs of other people as it shows that REAL people (not soap characters), have the same problems and in turn solutions as I do.Oh and for fathers day I got a texas hold’em poker set from my son – wwooooohoooo :DAnyway, great blog… cute pics… seeya!

  2. hehe.. I remember, cuz im only 22, when I learned how to ride a bike. It took me a LONG time before I would go without training wheels! It probably didn’t help that my sister would freak me out all the time. She did it on purpose… so evil! Anyways, good luck with the bike 🙂 and yay for texas hold ’em! my best friend’s husband is obsessed with that game. Cya later :)– Pam

  3. I wish you the best of luck.I hate to hear of fathers who get screwed over by family court. I have a freind who is going threw something simalir. There are some good dads out there not Just deadbeats. Good luck with the bike thing. We are trying to teach are daughter . It is hard.

  4. Hey dude, me again, good luck teaching him to ride a bike, I remember when my father was teaching me to ride a bike and I was crap, but one thing that helpd me was to see other kids my age rideing bikes, so mabey you could meet up with another paretnt whos son/daughter is starting to ride, then your son will see that and want to do it and will try really hard, well, that happend in my case anyway so I hope it helps. Keep well, Mikey

  5. Hey! I thought of a possible solution to your not being able to send someone a message privately. If you comment back on someone else’s blog, they have the option of deleting it if they don’t like what you have to say or don’t want it on there. Just a thought that might help you out! Keep writin’ and keep smilin’! 😀

  6. first time visiting your blog…. i used to live in the US… but now I am on the other side of the world – THAILAND…. sound like you are a cool person

  7. Hey,I know how frustrating it can be trying to get them to ride without training wheels. My 8 year old got her bike when she was 6 and we tried for about the last half of summer last year to get her to ride without them, but she wouldn’t budge.Well yesterday, my mom was up visiting and took my kids out for a ride, training wheels and all. By the time they got back, she came running in the house asking her dad to take those darn wheels off. So we all went back out again and within 30min she was riding a bike.It was alot of fun to watch, She just needed to be ready to do it on her own.Have a good one,Angel:D

  8. hi there…first time visiting your blog as I saw it published on "best of msn spaces" Keep it up! You are being a great dad! 😉

  9. i attract to your blog,it is ao amazing you are great dad,for sure!hope you and your families live life happily ,more than yesterday,less than tomorrow!btw,from other side ,native chinese

  10. Hi Tom, I really like your space. I have not had a chance to read through all the blogs yet, but I’m getting there. It’s good you are doing what you can to stay active in your son’s life. I am a divorced mom and have custody of my own son. His dad had fallen on hard times with work and his living arrangements, but I always worked with him for the sake of our son. Never said a harsh word about his dad in front of him (had to vent to my girlfriends periodically). He is now 13 and the hard work that his dad and I have put in has really paid off. His dad has told me what a great job I have done with him. It has gotten easier as time has gone by and hard feelings have subsided, but we have been divorced for 8 years. Keep up the good work. I’ll check back often.

  11. Hi Jon -Email me so I have an email address for you. I’d be honored to be one of your favorites. Thanks for asking.

  12. When I taught my daughter to ride her bike she was always afraid of falling. So, I found a grassy slope and would go to the top of a small, very small hill, and then she would roll down with me by her side. Sure she would fall, but soft grass left nowhere near the scars as concrete and asphalt and her fears were soon no longer.Blessings,Sabine

  13. I remember when my now 13 year old daughter wanted to learn how to ride without training wheels. She was about 7 years old, got on the bike, went about 3 feet, fell and twisted her ankle. She was on crutches for 4 weeks and refused to try again for a year without training wheels. The next year she tried again, took it a bit more slowly, and finally learned how to ride.It was so hard not to push her to try sooner, but I knew that if I did, she may never get back on the bike again.Am still reading through your site. I, too, am on SSI and I have a handicape placard on my car. My disability can’t be seen (I have fibromyalgia), and I have been approached by strangers wondering why I have it since I look perfectly normal…*head shaking*…some people just don’t get it.Hope you are having a great day!Evie

  14. I remember my first ride like it was yesterday! I started at six, without training wheels! My dad tried to make me ride at least 5 feet, but I always fell! In two days of struggling, I finally overcame the fear and began riding the bike, even though it sure was scary to start!! The most important thing to do is to overcome the fear of falling, then ANYTHING is a piece of cake!!:)Great space!! Now it looked really organized!! Hope you and your son are doing GREAT!!:)c ya around!!

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