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Hi, today I wrote an e-m to my local paper.

I was srupriised to hear from them as soon as I did. It is encouraging to know people still care about seeking the truth.

A  edited part of their resp:

"Thank you for your e-mail. There has been some speculation in the newsroom about what really happened, and if the wife may have played more of a part in the situation. Police have said that she and J were allegedly doing drugs. M was asleep in bed when he was stabbed. But we won’t know more until police charge J and we get a copy of the probable cause affadavit. Please feel free to call me at **** if you care to go on the record with any of this. I know that the reporter who went out to the neighborhood didn’t get much from neighbors. You have shared a lot more insight into the situation. "

This was positive response. Though I wonder if j is cleard, will the police and paper will say then?. Will they apologize? I hope so. They should have waited until everything made sense. Then make alligations that make more sense & dosen’t blame it all on some one who can not give his statements to defend himself. J prob. won’t make sadly, so they could have waited to see if he dies. If he would have been d.o.a. I dought if I or anyone else would feel the way we do. We would have no chioce but to accept A’s story. As long as truth is obtainable we should seek it.

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