Just Another Day!

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Not much happened today.

got pics of my son from his grandmother, they really made my day!

He is such a great kid! She finaly got give him her X-mas presents & b’day presents. my ex-wife refused to "allow" him to go there to visit grand parents because she was mad at them. She uses our son like this all the time! I hate it but in DE the "Womens State" there isn’t much i can do. If I try I Might end up in jail again. That would not be good.

I also wrote to the local paper to give my opinions on the murder of my friend M (see 3-7-05 posting below). I hope my other friend J lives to thee the truth about what happened that night. Especially if he did not do it. If J did kill M, I hate to say it, but it would be better if he dies too. He, from what little info I get, was not expected to make it this long & is "brain dead".

This has really caused me to value life more. One just never when or why these thing happen. I dought if i can ever forget or get used to it.

That it 4 now i guess

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