She is Never Satisfied !

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Hi to all !

today i had visitation with my son. since it will be his b’day on the 9th, we stopped at wal-mart to buy his presents. i love letting him decide what to get. i tell him how much i have to spend, and he add & subtracts prices to get the most for his bucks. he is so cute, plus it helps him learn about math & value of money. the surprising part of it is he is only FIVE years old.

i got him many things, one was a video game box that has games built into it. the box plugs into the tv. no games to buy or anything. Well, she FREAKED out on me, right in front our son. she went through the presents and one by one said how she did not like the choices we made. she even found a problem with getting him LINCOLN LOGS. although it took several seconds, she managed to come up with a few negative things to say. When i said the present were to make the child happy not her, she screamed louder. the look on my kids face to hear her criticize what we took great time and care in picking, was one that will be burned into my mind forever.

the saddest part is that there is not much i can do about it. as long as she can lie to the police and convince them i hit her or something. they are so eager to believe it that they just lock guys up without any proof or hearing my side of things. most police here in DE refuse to believe women can lie to them without any worry. i can’t argue for his cause with this type if threat looming over my head ! it does not help to enable her to say "see, your dad must have been wrong since the police agreed with mommy and locked daddy up." he doesnt understand the cops don’t care about right or wrong, they just take her lies as the truth. I can not even try to explain how de-moralizing it is to plead my side to deaf, almost robotic ears to no avail. 

well i guess i’ll stop here 4 now


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  1. Ok, just started reading from the beginning. You’re right, men don’t get equal treatment in the eyes of the law. Women (and yes I’m female) get away with way more than they should and some of them shouldn’t be parents. I know a lot of men that are more suited to have custody of a child over the woman. So far you sound like one of those men. Not many women would think to set a budget for a kid to shop with and teach them the value of a dollar. You’re doing a great job.

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