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Hello all,

   I just started this blog to see if I can get responses to issues about how fathers are being "forced" out of family by some ruthlessly greedy, selfish women. It is only my opinion. 

   Is it just me, or are the laws changing to make things "more efficeient" in the family court systems? States seem not to be as concerned about issues as they are about rushing parents through. The least objectionable way to do that is to give more weight to what ever the mother says using statistics as a reason. The father is forced to prove that something didn’t happen this is often impossible. Most of the tImes in family court DE, I filed the for the hearing and barley got to speak. She told many lies that I was asked to prove they were lies. when I asked why she doesn’t have to prove i’m liying, the judge gigles and says "Delaware is a womens state". They wonder way there are so many fatherless families in De and accross this country. Many fathers give up, and I can understand why.

   I will never give up!! I didn’t grow up with my parent. I was only with them until I was 8 years old. I didn’t re-united with them until I was 18 years old.

   My mother died in ’91 & my father in ’97, and I made promises to them both days before they died that I would always be in my kids every day life. They never got the chance to meet my son. He will never know them.

   My son was born in ’99 & he is my WORLD. He is the only male to carry on my family name.

   When I got married, I was careful not to do something to destroy my family. It never crossed my mind that my wife would betray me.

   Her greed and selfishness caused us to seperate. Nothing I could say or do could have changed her mind. The state doesn’t offer any help keeping families together. They dive down like vultures after the damage is done. They say, "the state can’t FORCE her into family counceling". the state only applies FORCE to keep families apart. This is shameful !

   States should do every thing to keep families toghter, treat each case individually without "statistics", and have truly equal justice by giving it to fathers.

   The courts need to concider the reasons the family was broken up. They love to hear the man was violent, cheated, or such, but they never want to hear that the wome cheated and didn’t even try to hide it. Her new "man" would call the house and I had to ignore it. If i didn’t she threatend to call the police and tell them that I hit her ao somthing. Knowing they would believe her, I decided to not to even try to fix things.The judge wouldn’t even let mention any of her adultry. Even though it was relevant to her nature. He didn’t think it was too bad that my son had three different "dads" in 4 years. I bet he would if he were in my shoes.

   Well, if any one can relate to this sad story please respond.


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  1. Believe me, I can relate. The whole situation is scary – I had a very similar experience. The only thing I can tell you is to be the best dad you can. Your son will soon be at an age that he will understand, and he will remember that you kept fighting to see him.

  2. men dont fear marriage(commitment)we fear divorce.and why shouldnt we? when she gets at least half of everything rather she deserves it or not and almost always gets the kids(rather she is a good mother or not)and then get child support on top of it(which she is not accountable for…she can spend it on booze or crack if she wants to)that would make any man run away from marriage. i got divorced once,and like a fool i got married again to a different woman(a whole new mess). now we have kids too. even though part of me still loves her,i would be gone in a second if we didnt have kids. i feel trapped because i want the kids to be safe and happy,and i dont want the custody games that come with divorced parents. im in hell,but if i leave,i lose the kids.did you try to google "fathers rights?" many good organizations out there if you are divorced and fighting to see your kids. unfortunately for me,they cant do alot when you are still married…good luck in the battles ahead…

  3. As a divorced mom and remarried with another child I can understand some of the things that you have and are going through. I am not here to bash(I can bash my ex without bashing someone elses) …support is better :-)!In regards to the comment you made about 3 different "dads" in 4 years…WOW! I cant believe the court did not want to look at you said it goes to towards her character, morals etc.I wish you and your son the best of luck in the stuggles that you both face!And I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  4. hi single dad! You know this blog is what i can hear my x-husband saying, although i never forced him out of anything he chose to live the life. He was abusive and controlling and i was with him for 5 years. When I finally found the courage to leave him, he constantly abused me in one form or another. I started off wanting nothing from him…NOTHING!, and he said he’d pay some on the kids…like they were a purchase we had made. That lasted only long enough for him to decide that it wasnt for them, it was for me…so no more! He wouldnt show up to pick them up when he said he was coming….so they spent the weekend crying wanting their daddy. I spent my childhood the same way….and decided It ended with me! I took my kids moved and started my life over….our lives over! We didnt contact him…and he never tried to contact us, until he went to jail. Then we’d get letters, oh bring the kids to see me. I never! I refuse to subject my young children to his ranting and abuse. He never abused them…just their mother! My kids hadnt seen their real dad in 10 or more years, he didnt petition the courts, never called, no birthday cards…nothing. Then about a year ago, my current husband said hed like to find the real father and petition to adopt the kids (he has raised them for 8 years, or more) We find him in prison….he wont sign the papers to terminate his parental rights (my daugher will be 23 when he gets out, she is 16 now) So its not all women who force dads out…sometimes the dad does the job all by himself! Sorry that was kinda long. Princess

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