MY Sons First “Novel”

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Hello again !

it’s been a while. ha ha ha.

I was going through my laptop and came across this story. my son is only five when came up to me one day with this idea for story. so like any good dad, i sat down with him and showed him how to get his ideas together and then write it. he came up with all the words & the story himself.

i did fix punctuation & cap. Thats for next year.


                                       DOG BONE BOY

        Long ago, there was a boy called dog bone. He was so skinny he was call dog bone boy. He was brown and shaped like a dog bone.

       All the dogs in the nieghborhood chased him around the town because he looked like a really juicy dog bone.

       One day dog bone boy got tired of being chased. He went to the store and bought  a box of dog bones. He gave them out to all the dogs. Then the dogs loved him and they all lived happily ever after.

                          THE END

                                              by: L. G.  (5 years old)


its is not that long, but i think he did a great job  

well, i am done for now.

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