Sad news in paper:(

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I opened the local section in thee pare this morning and read this horribly sad article. I just can’t understand how any one could do a thing like this!!!      Woman charged in son’s death says baby left alive on doorstep!
…tom g

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  1. Hie again, You can put my blog on your list, I would be honored. I read the article, humans are sick and selfish; thats why we need Jesus.sincerely,Audra

  2. That’s so sad… in Ohio we have a law that says parents can leave their babies at churches or hospitals and they will not be charged with a crime or child endangering or whatever, no questions asked. I can’t imagine life without my kids. Audra is right we sure need Jesus.

  3. Tom,Been out of whack since Katrina, still hard times, but we are ok.I hate thinking about your situation, just so wrong.Keep the faith hope it works out in court.Sean

  4. that is disturbing. If you are going to do something like that you at least make sure someone is home or you let them see you and hand them the baby. You do not just leave a kid on a doorstep. that is sick and wrong

  5. So sad to hear of actions like these. So not only does she have adultry against her, but now also murder? Such a shame when you think about all of the couples that would love to adopt a healthy american baby.

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