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If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know how I feel  men are unfairly stereotyped. I have been writing to every one who would listen to me in my state gov. I think some one with more weight is finally bringing this out into the open. I read this in the paper, "You’d never know domestic abuse hurts men". I’ have argued with many people who would not believe there are no shelters for men & their children to go to get away from abusive moms. Most of the time these guys are left with no choice but to let the mom have the kid/kids. When I left my ex I after she started to stay out all night pratying and dating, I could not find shelter and could not see living on the street a viable option. I had no choice but to stay there and let her do what ever she felt like as long as my Son was safe in A home.
Any one who tries to stand up for EQUAL rights is judged to be cruel or insensitive, thats just not true. I’m so glad that some one is able to get this message out.
I get emails from a guy named Glenn Sacks. His last email was an eye opener. PBS Television is going to show a video called "Breaking the Silence." It is about how men abuse women and are getting the courts to "give" "abusive" fathers custody. They try to make it seem like all men are abusers of women and can’t be better parents that the mom. I say it is about time the courts are seeing through some of the false allegations from these types of spiteful women/moms. The Judges are not stupid they have many years of experience in judging the truth.
To read the reviews about >>> "Breaking the Silence"
This show on PBS has an odd rating! Check out the TV guide ratings on this show. Click the show link in middle and read the description of this show and the ratings. Its not for kids!!
Well I guess I am done b#@*hing for today. I feel better now:)…tom g

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  1. Hi Tom! I haven’t been here in a long while! Great photos! I am sorry to see you are still having to fight so much for visits etc. with your son. It just seems so very far from fair! Keep at the fight! Let your son know that you think he is worth it! Thanks for your comments on my site!Val

  2. I agree with you from first hand experience. My sister is treating her estranged husband and father of her two boys horribly, KNOWS it, and seems to relish in it. More people need to speak out against this and get some laws changed.Did you know that historically children "belonged" to the man and in the extrememly rare circumstances where a wife would leave, she had absolutely no hope of taking the children with her? Talk about a 180 degree turn around! Hopefully we are able to find middle ground soon and remember that the children involved are our future and we need to treat them like the national treasure that they are.

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  4. There are two books that you might find helpful… they are by a man named Warren Farrell. The first book is: The Myth Of Male Power and the second one is Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say. They deal with your problem…And let me just say this about the women’s movement and every other movement out there: If all they do is focus on the rights of one group, they will eventually forget about the rights of all other groups.So why can’t there just be a human rights movement? And for those bloggers other than the owner of this site, if you are one of those groups who are disciminated against, I do mean to include you, however there is not enough space to include your group in here… so, fill in the blank if you want to be listed here.And I know exactly what this guy means… there are double standards out there that are making me wonder more about equality than ever before.

  5. Hi Tom, This is the first time at your space and I must say I enjoyed reading . I was in an abusive marriage and I ended up finally leaving after 5 children. The youngest was 3 years old. I finished raising my children alone with Gods help. My children are all grown now. One daughter chose the wrong path and to this day is still living on it. I am raising her 3 sons. I have had them since birth. I love them dearly. They are my heart. Their ages now are, Chaz 17, Zach 13, and Chase 11. They are wonderful boys. It’s hard now that I am 61 years old and are sick often.I wish you Gods speed on getting your son. Keep praying and fighting the battle. It will be worth the win.Soon, Geri from Va.

  6. One more thing I want to add is this… This is a website that has resources that can help you get justice. Here’s wishing you the best of luck!!!!!!!Mark

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