Roller Skating!

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Hello, today Logan and I went to the local roller rink for a school get together. It was the first time Logan skated and for me since 1990. I did ok but Logan was a bit wobbly. He wanter the regular old 4 wheel skates but did not do so great so I got him the online ones and tightened them up tight for more support. He was getting frustrated a bit until got the in-lines. He picked it good enough to go almost all the way around with out touching the wall. He almost fell a few times but I was right behind him to keep him from falling. We tried the back-wards skate thing but it was not happening so I stopped before I fell.  He got to see all his friends from his school and he seem to have a lot of them too. He played a few video games with them in the arcade room when he got too hot. We were there from 6:30pm until 8:30pm and it went by sooo fast. We’ll have to do that again. I did ok but my legs are hurting from the workout. I took my camera but thought it might not be a good idea because of all the other kids that would be in the back ground. I do not want a parent mad at me for posting their kids picture online. It was a totally awesome night with my Son. Bye… for now… tom g

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  1. sounds like a blast!!! When my two older daughters were in school they did the same things. It is fun and so enjoyable you forget your cares. God Bless you guys and take care

  2. So happy for you guys.  I am very relieved that this arrangement is working out for everyone, especially beautiful Logan.
    HUGS  -Jen



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  4. Hey there, I just had to say something when I ran across your space. As a guy who knows all about what you are going thru, just keep on doing the right thing. I know that sounds pretty vague to some people, but based on what I’ve read, you know what I’m talking about. Even when the "witch" does all she can to ruin things or ? just smile. I can say this because my ex walked out on me and our son 9 years ago, when he was 10 yo.
    I didnt know where she was for nearly 6 mos and I didn’t know what to tell my son or anyone else. I had to quit the job I had because of the commute and because he refused to go to school because he was embarrased. I had to homeschool him for 2 years so I wouldn’t go to jail for him missing school. No support.To keep his life as normal as possible I continued to coach his baseball teams until he graduated from high school. I was so worn out physically that I just passed out every night. Did I mention he played baseball at school too. No rest for the wicked.
    Then I got my payback. 
    He finished high school with the Who’s Who in American High School 3 times, National Society of High School Scholars, National Award for Best School Newspaper in Country 2 times, graduated with honors. But instead of slacking when he got to college, he has picked up the pace and has been on the Deans List for 6 straight semesters (out of 6) , became a member of Phi Eta Sigma honor society and recently was asked to become a member of Phi KappaPhi honor society, the oldest of the upper division scholar societies.
     Now I am telling you this not to brag but to say that I have been temp disabled for the past 2 years and have scrapped to send him to school. All I can say is we only have a few short years to mold our children and if we truely love them things like this are only minor setbacks. If we give them the opportunity they can achieve anything and I just hope that you don’t give up or let anything get you too down to try. If I can do it anyone can.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Summer, I have had your space in my blog list for some time. I really admire your fight to keep your relationship with your son. I was hoping you could take some time to visit my space. If it’s not to much add me to your space blog list?
    Have a great evening,

  6. Hi:
    Love your blog!! I have recently through the courts here in Canada trying to keep my son safe. I can appreciate the struggle! Son now lives with me, almost 2 years.
    Take Care and good luck.
    Peter Regan

  7. Nice space.  So brave of you to put all this out there for the world to see.  I wish you nothing but the best.

  8. Hi there,
    It is goo to hear that you have great time with your son….roller skating is fun..My children always love for me to go with them to roller skate because they love it when I keep on laughing and fell down…it is so fun. We better enjoy and spend most of our time with our children because they grow up so fast…My oldest is now 13 and my youngest is now 8 years old. My oldsest is taller than me and my youngest is catching up so quickly.
    Take care and good to know that everything seems to be better.

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