My Son’s B’Day

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Hi, I know it has been a while but just wanted to leave a few words. March 9th is my Son’s birthday and I plan to get him a new bike to ride. He wants that badly and a few other things. It has been nice to see him every day. I think he is getting used to me being around every day. He is doing a whole lot better in school. Last week one of his teachers came out with him just to say he was doing great! I thought he was in trouble again when I saw her but was very pleased to hear the good news. He aced his last two spelling test too. On the practice test last time he got FOUR wrong 🙁 but on the final test got them all right. We studied them extra hard especially the ones he got wrong on the pre-test. He is so proud of him self when he does good, and should be! I sure am!

I took Logan to eat at Bug-A-Boo Creek restaurant because my niece’s birthday celebration and the we had a get together for her 12th b’day. I could not think of what to get her so I gave cold hard cash. That way she, for sure, will love the gift it buys. I suck at picking out gifts for people. We all had a great time and left full. That place is pretty cool. The wait was long though, about 30 minutes but worth it.
On a sadder note, I found out that one of the Nuns who cared for me as a kid has is very ill. She was the one who was there for me when I was sick, rewarded me for my good deeds and punished me for the bad ones. She pushed me to learn my x’s tables by writing them a zillion times until I knew them back wards and forward. She checked my home work and made me re-do any thing that did not look neat enough. She was always there for me when I needed her back then. A few years ago too when I did not have much for my Son’s Christmas and out of the blue she called and told me to stop by and pick up a bunch of presents some one donated to them. I could go on and on but I could never give her back as much as she gave to my life. I have to keep her in my prayers and perhaps get to stop by and see her with my Son, she has not seen him for a while. I want him to know her face and ask me one day who that was so I can tell him about how bad I was when she took care of me.
Some one in my family is gong to Iraq soon too and I cant really talk about it but it has been on mi mind a lot too. They don’t show it but I know they think of it a lot too and I will also be praying for him/her too!
Well, I guess that some of what is new. My ex and I are still getting along good with no fights or arguments at all, just the way I like it:)… tom g

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  1. Tom I am so happy for Logan you and your ex ( dont know her name?) See it is so true that a child needs both parents. I know I keep asking you this but I am sooooo noisy and just want to know, are you two having relations? (laughing) see I am sooo bad I cann’t help myself, jsut a hopeless romantic I suppose. Pleeeeeeeaaazzzzz?
        I will pray for the nun too, funny thing is I was just wondering about the nuns who taught me in grade school.

  2. I think it is awesome that you are too busy taking care of your son to be updating us more regularly.  Keep up the good work.  Logan and I share a brithday in common.  Hope it is a good one for him.

  3. Glad to hear that you and the ex are getting along.  Wish I could say the same for my Tom and his ex.  Long story and I wish I had the time and writing space to tell it all but suffice it to say that as we not only prepare for our wedding, we are now preparing to go to court to fight for full custody of his daughter because we are tired of the lies and the deception and the downright nastiness of his ex.  While we are not confident it will be granted, it will at least get us in front of a judge and a home study of the ex’s house vs. our house as well as a much needed psych eval of the "b" herself.  We have to cough up $6,000 bucks to do this so it’s back into debt we go after JUST RECENTLY getting out of it.  We most likely won’t win primary custody, but we have a good chance at getting 50/50 or summers plus modified support and the much needed insight of social services into the behaviour of the ex.  I wish you and your ex luck.  I am glad the two of you decided to put the past in the past.  This is something that my Tom’s ex is unwilling to do… even admitted it in the court appointed family counseling.  How then can anyone move forward – or how can counseling work – if you can’t put the past where it belongs?

  4. You and your ex seem to have your child’s best interests as a priority…so rare and such a great example for your son.  I’m sorry the marriage didn’t survive, but this is definitely the next best situation.  It’s wonderful to see a father show so much love for his son.  I am the twice-divorced mother of 5 and none of my kids have that in their lives.  You certainly have my respect and admiration.
    …Kudos to ya!
    CJ in AK

  5. Hey Tom
    My little brother (who’s 8) really likes to go to the skating rink here in town too! He was begging to go sledding today since school was cancelled, but we weren’t getting out on those roads! Anyhoo, keep it real. I’m really glad things are going so well for you.

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