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***Entry deleted 8/3/05***

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  1. dont’ worry about that stuff tom, she needs a life.. and a child in it to validate her existance and to put before herself.. for those of us who do read your blogs, we know there are two sides… we know your side is the side of your son.. if you read my ex’s side, i seem like the worse mom ever, no mention of the fact that i have custody of my kids for a reaosn, cause i’m a good mom… like I said, no worries about her random comments, those of us who visit you on a daily basis, know you love logan, and that’s why we come back..

  2. Good luck with these people, I hope you figure it out. I know there is only one side of the story but this is your space and how YOU feel and nobody has to read it if they do not care.

  3. Hi Tom, I enjoy reading your blog. Your space is STRUCTURED and has a nice theme. Sounds like Brandi and hon solo or whatever have nothing better to do then leave ugly comments. Sad for them really. –fawn

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