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I know it’s been a while, sorry but not much going on these days. The most exciting part of my day is getting the mail. When I get no info about my ssi I get a little mad but only for a few minutes. I am a very patient person. Maybe too much so.
I miss having things to write about and feel like I am letting my visitors down. There are things that I could write about but now that my ex knows about this Space I do not want her to know my game plan. It sucks that I can’t because it makes me look like I am not doing anything about the issues pertaining to my Son. Things are in progress and will hopefully work out. Then I can tell it all. It may take a month or two but I have been waiting so long I can wait a bit more.
I got a few comment about, of all things, play doh. I am planing to get some more soon of my own and take pictures of some of the things I make with my Son. It will be a step by step album from lump of doh to creature. I just have to get a ride to the store to get some first. My Son and I like to race each other to see who can make a frog or lizard or something like that. It makes it more interesting and you get some funny looking creatures too. We crack each other up every time. Thinking of him, I have 1 week and 1 day to go until I see him again. It is hard to be patient about that. Until next time & thanks for your return visits and comments…tom g 🙂

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  1. hello, i have been reading over your blogs and your pictures,your little boy is very cute.It is very unfair that your having to go through this,you are a good father and i wish you luck and may god bless you and watch over you and your son, hang in there it wil get better always keep the faith, there is miracles!!!your friendDenise

  2. I know what it feels like. I rarely have anything interesting to talk about. I would like to see some of your play-doh creations. Anyway, have fun!

  3. Hi, from Mexico I am & wow, you´re going thru lot o´stuff; it actually seems to be like a conundrum (to me of course). Well, you space is cool enough,your kid pictures look nice, and that cat you have is awesome!! I like cats you know.See ya.I mean, the cat!!lol

  4. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. Guess you can vent a bit after the fact. And I am sure you can come up with some creative ideas for your blog that won’t give your ex an advantage. it’s a shame it has to be viewed that way, but sometimes life is crappy. You can always vent by typing up a word or wordpad document to get everything out and then just delete it, burn it, send it up in a hellium balloon.. whatever you need to do to take care of YOU. Hang in there.Janice

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