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In the past I have been reluctant to put a pic of myself here. I have not found one I liked. I was always th one to take them but not many taken with me in them. I asked my family to look for any pic of me old or new. I new there was not any new ones,but they did find these old one. I put them in an album if you want to check them out. The one is my Army Basic Training photo in 1985. I was nervous not know what I got myself into. Opening the present was in 85 also. I got to come home for Christmas break from Basic Training. The other is a High school photo. I think it was 10th or 11th grade. I think. I hate photos of me none of them look good…tom g

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  1. Now I see who your son looks like. I think that your pictures are great. I know the same feeling I hate all the pictures of me also. Thanks for sharing.Jackie

  2. Tom,Your son looks like you in the younger days. I hope your ex gets things straightened out for your sons sake, and you know he would still feel secure in your home as long as he’s with his dad. All neighborhoods have bad things happen in them. The most your son needs is love from you and his Mom, and if Mom isn’t going to be around much all he’ll need is you.I hope everything works out good for with you soon sweetie,Your friend,Patty

  3. It is good to hear from you Tom! Also, you were and Im sure still are;) a very good looking man. I am happy you are going to get the chance to see your son more, Im sorry it had to come about in this way though. She should have decided that on her own, not out of necesity, you know. But either way you and your son will benefit from spending more time together. When were you in the military? I know that you were, I remember reading it in your blog, I think. Either that or in a reply you wrote to me.

  4. hey – cool new pics! i hope that everything works out with your son and ex now that your ex is by herself!~mandy

  5. If you look through my albums I have zillions of my kids and hubby yet very, very few of me. I’m the picture taker also. Love the ones you have, it’s great to "see" who we read about every day.

  6. Tom,Great pictures…when did you serve and where? It is very difficult for people our age to place pictures of ourselves, most of us have difficulty "seeing" what we actually look like, sorta like listening to yourself on voice mail or tape, nothing what we think that we look or sound like! As far as placing a link on your site…I don’t mind. As far as custody is concerned used to be the mother had to be on drugs or in jail for the father to gain custody but times are changing and so are the thoughts of judges. I don’t know what I would do without my kids. I don’t have any respect for any parent that does not try everything they can to see or have a good relationship with their child. Road blocks can be overcome, all is possible, but it is up to us as parents to do everything we can to teach our children responsibility, self respect, and all the other things we want our children to have as character traits. It is all parents dreams to have children that are successful in whatever makes them happy.Thanks for stopping by!Larry

  7. Much appreciated for the link T. Thanks so much for the support and giving me the awesome info. I guess I’m kinda unattentive to that kinda thing. That’s awesome to know though and I’ll be checking that every now and again. Hoping that things turn out ok for your son. God will take care of both of you. I also have to say that I admire you for acknowledging that maybe your place isn’t the best place for your son. Don’t know about where you live, but I do know that it takes a BIG person to admit something like that, especially when his child is involved.Nice pics of you by the way. My step dad served in Desert Storm. Where were you stationed? Thanks for being a soldier. I appreciate it.Again, thanks for stopping by. I always like hearing from you. Keep the peace T-manKaleigh

  8. wow… all I can say is… wicked hot! You are a looker dude! No wonder where your son gets his great looks. 🙂 I’m glad things are going good for you and Logan. I wish you all the luck. Thoughts and prayers go out to you from everywhere! DazedKitten

  9. Don’t feel bad, I don’t even look like me in any of my pictures. I always look two-dimensional in my photos. But I think you’re cute! 😉

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