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Hi I am sorry for not writing for a few days but I have had a splitting headache for days. I could not look at any lights with making it worse. I feel better now finally:)
Lats Thursday My ex & I went to get our Son signed up for his ssi. We actually got along ok for once. She thought it would take two+ months to get his money but to our surprise they said she should have it in two weeks! Thats great for them because they can really use it now. Maybe she can get her own place. I know I haven’t been able to give much to them and it helps to know they will get something. It is all I can do right now.
I’ve sent for some info on some tech schools that offer it courses. I think the computer field would be the best thing I can do at this point in my life. We shall see.
I have my Son tomorrow. I hope it does not rain on our day. I want to take up where we left off on the bike riding thing we started. I am not quite sure about pickingĀ up though because I do not know if he’ll be at my ex’s old place. That is where I am going to be at 11:00am so I hope he is…tom gĀ 

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  1. Hi thereThanks for viewing my space and thanks for your good comments. Of course I give permission to add it to your faves. A person has to have some funny things or life can get you down. I think the Latino’s have the right idea about the name change thing. I love the name Logan, by the way. Very nice. I didn’t have a chance to read through all your Space but I sure will. It is very interesting. Drop me a line whenever you want. Take care and I hope your day with your Son is great!! SAAM

  2. Tom,I’m glad you wrote something, i was getting a bit worried about you. Glad everything is going well, and that you and your ex got along, that is whats best for your son.Hope your headache is gone, i get migraines all the time, ever since i was 5 years old, so i understand about the light and noise and all the other stuff that comes along with headaches.Is there anyway you can call your ex to see if she’ll be there, cause i would hate to see you get there and have them not there, and i know it would hurt him something terrible?Anyway, i guess i should get going, i’m going to play a game of memory with my daughter.Take care..Friends,Patty

  3. I just have to say again that I think you are a great Dad! When your son grows up he is going to be so proud to call you Dad. Not many kids can say that, you know? Have a great visit and I hope to hear from you soon.Rebecca

  4. Hey — have a great visit with your son–give him the camera and let him take a few shots of you to add to your pics. He will have fun.Glad your headache is better. Deb

  5. Tom,Have a great visit with your son today, do enough to catch up and make him forget all the struggles they are going through right now! Have a great time, take lots of pictures, make lots of memories.Watch the IT field, certain areas are growing and others are slowing to a halt (I’m in it as well.) Do searches on job sites and find out what is hot and what is not!Have a great day (and thanks for adding me to your favorite’s, it truly means a lot)!Larry

  6. Higald you’re feeling better, I get those headaches too and they are NOT FUN. I’m glad that the ssi thing is going good for you, sometimes it can be a real pain in the backside to get what you need.I wanted to ask you if it was okay for me to add you to my list of fav spaces, since I visit you alot. Let me know, okay, cuz I won’t do it without your okey dokey.Have a great visit with Logan!Kathi

  7. It is wonderful to see a man care so much for his son. Keep moving forward and things will get better. One day at a time is a good motto!

  8. I just came across your blog and I would like to tell you how interesting it is.Im sorry for all your going through with your ex and all that is going on with your son.You seem like a great dad and a very caring person.I havent had a chance to read through everything but I will be back,Take care and stop by my place and visit when you can…Darlene

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