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I hope you like the music that plays here! If you have a comment about it (likes or dislikes) Please leave them here. If you want to suggest a song let me know and I’ll try to find so I can have it play. I have a wide range of music that I like so all diferent types can be suggested. If you want to stop the music at any time, please press the<ESC> key…tom g

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  1. how do you put music on your blog thing?? who is that song by??? thanks for the help with that thing.. 😀

  2. is it a problem that i comment too much?? anyway i really like the text you used for your "my favorite day…" post… anyway, im uploading my favorite songs onto my blog :O… anyway… i spose ill see you later..

  3. Hi Tom, Im sorry I havent been by in a while. It sounds as if things are going really well for you right now. I hope that they continue that way. You definatly deserve to have things move in your direction for a change. Thank you for stoping by and for commenting. Like I said, I can use all of the opinions I can get on the topic. Especially because I am going to have to make a decision by tomorow!

  4. I love that song!! I hope you are doing great and things are going good for you and your son!Take Care,alias_angelchick

  5. Oh, how I LOVE playdoh~Ever made homemade playdoh?My sisters and I had fun doing that as kids…I am glad that you find yourself learning from your son…there is sooooo much that we can learn from children if we only open our eyes and ears and hearts!Best wishes for a short interlude between visits with your son!PeaceBoni:)

  6. Tom,Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile, my life well is a little hectic right now. It looks as though life is treating you and logan very well, and I’m very happy for you two.take care sweets and Ill try to stop by more often.Friends,Patti

  7. hi girl,your website rocks, how did u put the song ??Maybe you can tach me sometime…….I think ur eather a westlife or Brian fan, well me too…..Keep up the good work!! Maybe we can chat sometime by msnTaKe CaRe YoU RoCk

  8. hello tom!its been a while – sorry ive been absent! i love the new photos and the song 🙂 i remember playing with pla doh – especially the salty smell on my fingers! im glad that you and your son had a good time and i hope that you can breathe until he gets back. talk to you later!~mandy

  9. Touched by your site, and it has made me do some thinking. I’m new to this my spaces deal and am trying to learn my way around.I seem to be on the other end, as I am a single Dad with full custody of his son. My son will be 8 soon and for almost 5 years he is my care alone.I will not go into how much he means to me or how much the two of us mean to the other, as I can see how that might be hard to hear.In my life I have trouble trying to have a life outside of raising my son and my career. I often think about what it was like to be single, and to have time to date or be in an enviroment where I would meet ladies. Many people like to say they respect a single parent, but there does seem to be some different treatment. It’s like you are not included because you will not have time, or ladies feel quilty if they take time from your kid. But, of course somehow it is different for women, that’s more excepted for whatever reason.Hope you get more time with your boy. Good luck, my son son sees his Mom for a few hours every couple of months. I wish things were more stable there but usually these visits only happen if I make all the arrangements. Which now includes about a two hour drive, you wuold think she might make that drive every now and then.Oh well, not sure what to say from there. Guess it takes all types, and each assignment seems to have its’ own hardships. Leave no doubt I am not sure how I would handle not having my son, and would not trade it for the world. Like to bargain for a sitter once a month to have a date, but unitl then it’s Guys Night Out.Sean

  10. Hello. I do like that song. I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that there are fathers out there doing everything in their power to be with their children. You have really touched my heart. I will be coming back. Thanks! -Rey

  11. Tom,Like the song and would love to know how to set that up sometime. Early on in my divorce my ex made a lot of bad mistakes, I logged them all in a notebook. Every Fri I would go to my attorney’s office and give her copies, I aways wrote the date and day of the week on top to keep her from having to go back to a calendar all the time. It seemed to help, and yes I won the war and have my son.Tonight after work I went for a long bike ride, and it felt great but it had been a long time since I had time to ride. My son can’t keep up,a nd its so different than being in a kayak.Keep up the fight and I hope things turn in your favor, document what you can. Your site breaths of your love for your son, I respect that. Keep in touch dude, and fight the good fight, enjoy the time you get. Like the play doh pieces, I remember that age, right before Yu Gi OH and Pokemon if my memory is right.Peace bro.

  12. hi, sory about yesturday i wasn’t myself i don’t know is it bcoz of the 2hour sleep or something else…..tnx for the tip….keep up the gud work

  13. I like your site….and the music! How did you get it to play on your site? I am new to this whole "blog" thing so any "indepth" details that you could share with me would be appreciated! Thanks

  14. Well Hello there TOM.. I just read all your comments on my space im sorry I didn’t get to them sooner.. but for your information I have not posted or commented on any of your blogs on any other name other then my own thank you very much .. I have nothing to hide ,if I want to say something I say it? if you don’t like my comments fine it’s a free space and everyone is welcome to comment you don’t need to have your fellow bloggers defend you just becasue I may have a different opinion of your space, how juvenile. have a nice day

  15. oh and by the way.. My name changes because I change my MSN profile ever thought of that? and another thing.. if you didn’t want critisizim for your personal thoughts and comments then why make them public? do I not have a right to my opinion as well? anyway Tom I’d be happy to talk to you , you saying that I act like your wife? how presumptous of you for not knowing anything of me other then comments on a page.. hmmmmm

  16. Well I would like to thank-you for coming to my space!!!! I am not sure what you meant by smoke and mirrors…I am not smoke and mirrors…What you see is what you get!!! I have struggled very much so over my children’s Father leaving, and take it one day at a time..I am not perfect, and would never claim to be!! I do not know you or much about you but I plan to visit your site more and hopefully find out more!! Bye for now..ur new friend Kat

  17. Ok just call me wacky blog entering person!!!! hahaha I am so sorry I put the entry in the wrong person’s blog.. I love your site so far….I went in to someone’s blog list which brought me here to yours and entered my comment not thinking of what had happened!!! So I apologize but would like to come visit your site anyhow!!! I really love that song!!!Come visit me if you’d like I willbe back!! bye bye kat!!

  18. Hey T-man,I haven’t stopped by in a good long while. I’ve been off having my summer-before-college adventures. I’m glad to see that you are doing well! I hope everything continues to run smoothly for you!

  19. Hmm….suggest a song……i can think of a couple, but they wouldn’t please the masses. (most are japanese). I would suggest ‘Major Tom’ by David Bowie. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. I would also suggest ‘Cant Stop’ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m listening to that right now. Hope you like these songs!

  20. Well I really like your space.. and the music is great I will like to know it’s name.. well, gotta go bye !!!!!

  21. Duh, Jen! I figured it out. I somehow clicked on an ad and uploaded to something else instead of uploadhut.com. DUH! I think it is working now… 🙂 You can delete my other comment if you want. -Jen

  22. Hey Tom,, I am having troubles trying to get songs I ripped from a CD I have into MP3 files to use them on my space..Can you help me????I can’t figure it out!!!!If you can help me that’ll be awesome!!I like the song !!!~~~♥~Michele~♥~~~

  23. Hey Tom~ Thanks for your help.. I got it to work!!! Yeah!!!I used http://www.ripway.com to store my music. I had troubles getting into uploadhut.Have a great week!!!~~~♥Michele♥~~~

  24. Hi, I was just wondering how you got the media player on to your site, I would really like to put some videos onto mine as well..

  25. Love this song playing, kinda funny. Sad for you I’m sure tho. Sorry. Once awhile have to give your mind a break on thinking about that. Don’t forget about yourself and laugh once awhile. BTW: Thanks for your help too!!! Duh, I should have thought about that too. LMAO Ok, song: Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. Spin Doctors I think. Right? That’s a good one for your theme.Tammy

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