I Can Drive Again!!!

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I have been busy the last few days and have not had too much time to write. I went to the Child Support office with the letter form court that said to zero my account out, arrears and current. They had no clue what had about my situation. I had to explain to them that she got money for my son and they will have to call her to find out her side. I was able to convince the because my ex helped by not showing up to the support trial where she would have had to admit it when I asked her about it. They agreed that she might be trying to hide it. They have many questions to ask her if/when they find her.
I asked them about my license and they said that with the new court order the "grounds" for the suspension no longer "exist". I guess that means they can’t think of another reason to keep it suspended. Luckily the Guy who has to approve reinstatements was there so he asked me a few more questions then gave his "ok".In about 5 minutes he handed me the letter for DMV to re-instate.
I when to the DMV too. After a long wait (2 hours) they called my number. I had been suspended for 2 years, wow, it did not seem that long but they told me that I had to re-test on every thing. I was mad because I had a class "b" license w/tank, air breaks, the hardest test DMV has, the haz-mat test. I did not even see a test prep test since 2001. I did not want to go through that hell so I asked them to remove the extra endorsements and just got the standard class"d". The extras aren’t need right now anyway and even if I am driving a car the fines for some tickets are more for the class"b". I passed the standard test without missing one question:) I thought I would have to study and re test again but I passed, yeeee haaa.
I saw a car for $1000 my friend was selling, a red 99 Chev Cavalier so I talked him down to $900 and bought it. I’ll take some pics when I get a chance to put into my photos. I think it was a good deal.
It is ironic but when I was driving the car home, I got pulled over! He saw that the tag plate light was not working. He ran my name and it still showed that I was suspended. He called a tow truck to tow the car. I remembered I still had the papers for support office and receipt for reinstatement fee ($25) so I asked to take off the hand cuff to let me get them out of the glove box. He got them and saw I was not lying just as the tow truck showed up. The driver was mad to have come out for nothing and told the cop that some one was going to charged. I said "don’t"look at me". I still got a ticket for the tag plate.
To day I have to go to the court house to dig up any fines I may have forgotten about and pay them all off. There’s three different offices I have to visit to check them all.
I hope to write again tomorrow (Friday), thanks for reading/visiting/commenting…tom g

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  1. Tom! Congradulations on the car. Im sorry to hear that you got pulled over, right after you got it! I hope everything else is going well for you.

  2. Hey! I’m glad to hear about your good news! Congratulations on getting your license back – that makes such a difference. It’s good that things are getting better for you. I can’t believe you got pulled over for your license light being out! It’s a good thing that you had that paperwork with you.

  3. Glad to hear you got your license. Now get that light fixed, lol. My friend’s license was suspended for a year because she didnt pay the ticket she got for her tag lamp. She is not the brightest ever I guess. Well, Congratulations on getting everything squared away. I know it has been a long struggle and will continue to be, but it is all worth it when you look into your son’s eyes each day. Looks like you guys had a blast making the play doh creatures. Have a great week! *~Chrissy~*

  4. Tom,Since I am new here I don’t know your history of this, but sounds like a very hard, thoughyou pulled it off. Hope that is a sign that things are going to start to change for you. Good luck, and thanks for the advice about adding a song to my page. Hope you and Logan get sometime together soon. As you’ve seen having him makes all the pains and pot holes along the way worth while.Keep on fighting, keep in touch,Sean

  5. Yippeee! Great news! I’m really happy for you. It’s the "rewards" we get during hard times that make everything worthwhile and keeps us moving forward. Take care — Deb

  6. Gosh, what a couple of days you have been having. Keep up the fight Tom. Everything will right itself somehow.Jolie

  7. stumbled in here quite by accident… Congrats on the reinstatement of driving priveledges by the way… Nice speace and hope all continues to get better for you…

  8. wow, glad things r getting better for u and i hope they just keep getting better. good luck with everythin xx

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