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Hello to all!

Today was really great. I hold my breathe for two week until I see my Son, then I can breathe for at least 4.5 hours:( …back to how great my day was:)

I had good batteries for my camera this time. I should have changed the focus from single to continuous in my camera settings. This caused some to be out of focus because I moved in or out a bit before I took the picture. I think they are ok but could have been better. I did not notice until I down loaded them to my computer.

His mom open the door and he ran right to the van. I had to tell him to “wait for me”. I had the Operation game opened and ready to go. We always try to have something to get right to on the way to wring out every precious seconds we have together. I can’t take credit for this It was his idea. This is a good example of how adults learn from their children. They only need to listen to them with our hearts. The extra 30 minutes still do not extend the 4.5 hours though. It just gives us more of THAT time.

Logan said he had cereal for breakfast but he ate FOUR hot dogs for lunch. That was odd for him to be that hungry but I guess he must be growing

We had fun with the game even after we got to my sisters house for a while. Then I remembered the time and got out the pla-doh. He wanted to make a whale so I gave him the blue container and he started at it on his own. I decided to make what I have made before a frog and a lizard. I tried to make this like a step by step thing. I emphasize TRY.


1) roll the green into a roll pushing down on the one side making it taper off at one end

2) divide up the green to make enough for all the parts, body and four legs

3) pinch along th back of the lizard body to make the ripples(?) down it’s back all the way down if you want.

4) roll the leg parts to make little rolls (4)

5) pinch each leg part in opposite directions to make simple legs

6) use a pencil or pen to poke holes where the eyes go. I use my fingernail to make a curved line over the eye to look more real.

7) carefully push the parts together trying not to squeeze too hard. this is the hard part!

8) rub out as many of the lines on the surface lightly with care.

The frog is basically the same way.I pinch up the bumps above the eyes. The back legs are bigger this time but I have made them the same before.

To make the eyes better I roll little balls of red and pop them into the holes made by the pen or pencil.

The tongue is a little thing I make out of a bit of flattened doh. and stuff into the mouth.

To make an easy simple mouth I just use a stiff piece of paper or a card and push it in and roll across where I want the mouth to go. I can again use my nail but it does not work too good on long lines.

Logan’s whale turned out great too. I had to show him where the fins went and he had the fluke side to side instead of up & down. I got out a book about sea creatures and showed him the difference. I also told that it was ok to make up what ever he wanted with his whale, he decided to keep it real. He solved it by just twisting the fluke part around to make it in the right direction, up & down. He even had to have the book to double check it was right. We some times make up creature from our imaginations and thats fun too. Well I hope every got a feel for how we make our critters. I put the photos into an album called “Pla-Doh Critters”. I tried to keep the in order, check them out. Enjoy:)

That was my day. Now I just have to wait another two week to breathe again…tom g

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  1. All I can say is "Bless your heart" It was your blog that inspired me to start my own and I have made some very dear friends now that I am blogging. Now that I have found you again, I am going to link to your site so that us mommies can get some insight into how you daddies think about things. I LOVE that you play with your son that way. I wish you got to see him more. Just let me know if you want me to take the link off of my site, I will if you want me to. 🙂 -Jen

  2. hey…. please dont use that font again… haha…. im really glad that you had a great time with your son…. just hold your breath till next time… i would make those critters, but all the play-doh in my garage is hard….. well… later 😀

  3. Hey, sorry i didn’t comment on your last one. I’ve been at my dad’s house 🙂 I only go to his house every other weekend too. I’m glad your son looks forward to seeing you! I know i look forward to seeing my dad. Great Play-Doh sculptures! I look forward to your next post.

  4. נυѕт ¢αмє ву уσυя ƒιηє ѕρα¢є тσ σƒƒєя α вιg нυg σƒ ¢αяιηg αη∂ ¢σмραѕѕιση ση тнιѕ ƒιηє "ѕρяєα∂ тнє ℓσνє ●єχтєη∂є∂ ∂αу!!!● нσρє уσυ αη∂ уσυяѕ ƒιη∂ єтєяηαℓ нαρριηєѕѕ ƒσℓℓσωιηg уσυя тяυє ραѕѕιση ση ℓιƒє’ѕ gℓσяισυѕℓу ωιη∂ιηg яσα∂! =8^) ~ѕтαη

  5. Hey Tom,Man, it is really good to hear that your day went so well! I took a look at the pics, and the creatures turned out awesome! Just remember that your son will never forget these times, and the memories he has of sharing things with you will last a lifetime. -JC

  6. hey, idk if those pics were up when i commented before, but i didnt notice them when i did… they are AWESOME!!! i wish i was that skilled, one of the most devoloped things that i could ever make was a snake/worm, with fingernail indents for eyes. you did really good on the lizard and frog, and your son did a great job with the whale :D. well anyway, heres the link to my "space"

  7. Happy spread the love day, Cheryl and Roo sending hugs and kisses your way.Love from John and Rebecca too.

  8. I’m glad that you had a great time with your son. Your playdough critters look great =D. I know what it’s like to only have so much time to spend with a child and then try to make the most of your time. I’m glad you had an awesome visit.**Hugs**

  9. I had great fun watching the playdough creatures progress through your photos. i will try it sometime. – bunny

  10. Hey, Tom…I’m glad you had the time with your son. I only wish my ex was half as involved as you are.Mine told me today that if I have any sort of plans or maybe even a medical appointment or go anywhere while he has the boys, that he is doing me a favour.I’m supposed to be grateful because he is spending time with them.And I am horrible for telling him that he can’t drink before he comes to his son’s football practice or games. I have no right, he says.Sigh…..I am wishing with every fibre of my being that you have more and more and more time with him. You both deserve it.s.

  11. Hiya nice space u have here, i havent had time to read thru it all but i will def be back later love Louise x

  12. What a handsome young man, such beautiful eyes. He will be a heartbreaker, one day. I wish you many blessings and much success in raising your son. Time goes by way too fast…you blink your eyes, and they’re grown (almost). I say this wistfully now, ‘cuz my youngest is 13. Hang on to your memories. They are the sustaining force.Your site is excellent. I enjoyed it.Regards,TheMom

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