Off to Court …again!

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I do not want to sound like a broken record but I have to go to court again Tuesday. I have to file papers to change to visitation order. I am thinking of getting my lawyer involved with this as well. Just thinking though, it would mean giving more money to him for maybe nothing!
If I have not said thanks in person, I do thank all the nice people out there who left supportive comments. They help a lot. It is great to know that people can be so caring about a father & son they hardly know. It touches my heart every day to read your comments. Thanks so, so much from me and my son:)
I have not written about the horrible disaster down south but it has been on my mind a lot lately. All the needless suffering. My prayers go out to all who are suffering in any way. I wanted so much to help them all but the only way I could do my part was to send $$$ to The Red Cross. I just hope they put it to good use.
Thanks for visiting…tom g

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  1. T, Sometimes, I think my life is rough, then I remember you! Still praying for you. I think somewhere down the road you will be blessed. Keep up the good work & do not let your anger take control. Have an awesome day! ~~Lisa~~ :O)

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  4. Good luck today! Thanks for the link to the Jokearoo thing. I posted 5 links to certain ones that I thought were nuts! LMAO *fingers crossed for you* See ya around. =)Tammy

  5. Hey there, just checking in. I feel like I am always telling you what to do (and I have no business doing so!), so ignore me if you want. But my advice this time is that if you decide to go to court by yourself this week, then at least let the lawyer know what you are doing and give him copies of whatever paperwork you submit. That way you guys stay on the same page.

  6. I need to ask how you snag videos from other places to run on your media player. I so want to do that at my place at times, but I’m not sure how. Help please!!! Hope everything is going your way!Tammy

  7. Tom,Thank you for asking if you can add me to your page, I feel rude that I just added you without asking. I would be happy to be included on your list of sites to visit. Take care and God Bless

  8. Wow your a real dedicated father. You must realy love your son. I wish my dad was more like you. Hope eveything works out.

  9. Tom~Court, again?:( The money would not be for "nothing", even tho it may seem that way at this point…in the long run, it is for you and your son…no matter how worthless it seems to pay your attorney for little or no progress. It gets the situation on the court records that you are trying and truly care about the well being of you son. I wish you luck and will say an extra prayer for you two.I understand what you mean about things in the south! So many lost souls…I feel so sad and so helpless. I wish there were more I could do, also. I pray every day for the people who have lost so much!Take care!T

  10. Tom, Sorry I hvae not been by much latley. I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time with your ex right now. Someday though, Logan will know how you fought for him. I agree with what you said about the situation with hurricane Katrina. I live in Houston and things are crazy here. My husband left today because he is being sent to help. I havent posted about it because I dont know what to say. I hope all is well with you and Logan

  11. Hey Tom,,,,,just popped by to catch up on your news. Hope all is well and life is treating you good.,,,,love Shnev

  12. It is wonderful that you love your child so much. So many father’s wouldn’t even bother. You remind me of one of my brothers. He has a lot of drama from his exwife and exfiance. He always stays positive and is close to his children. They know who dad is. Keep it up and may it all work out for you.

  13. Hi there!I just want to say you that I am praying for you and your circunstances. It must be so hard to be fighting for someone that belongs to you. I only hope that you can find the courage and the strenght to keep going, always giving love and patience. You son will learn those important values from you.Blessings

  14. Hey Tom. So sorry to hear the train visit got frustrated. =/Hope at least you will be taken into account in court this time.Don’t give up.

  15. Hello Tom, Nice to meet you. My name is Heather. I really enjoyed the fact that you are a single father who loves children that much. I myself am a single divorced mother struggling with a 3 yr old as well. My daughter’s father has never asked me to see her or talk to her. Trying to raise a child or even children as a single parent is one of the hardest part in life of being single. I am glad there are people like you who give a damn about your child. As for my daughter unfortunately she will never know what a father is until she is older. What do you tell your son when he asks about his Mother? My daughter is now starting to ask about her father and I have no idea what to tell her….!Please can you give some important advice to a single mother?Heather

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