I Got “Served”

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I guess my ex was busy at the court house because I was served court papers today. She is trying to restrict my visits. She said (again) that I would try to kidnap my son and run away with him out of State. She is mad because I showed up as a wittiness against her for her ex b.f. She wants to make me look as bad as she can. I do not think it will work this time! Everything she claimed in her petition, she said this all before then did not show for our trial and it was dismissed. If she was so worried about me with our son she would have been there for her last trial. It was all lies then and it is again this time too. We have every possible "thing" going on in Fam. Ct. all at the same time. I file to do some good for me and my Son, but my ex files to do harm, to cause suffering, heartache and pain for all involved. My "War" rages on…tom g

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  1. OH Tom, I hope your new lawyer can help you out. She is being spiteful. All of this hurts your son. I will pray for her to be a better parent and let you have the time with your son, the time both of you deserve and need.

  2. Oy! It’s a shame she cannot see the damage she is doing. Kids are far smarter than we ever give them credit for. Your son will have things figured out by the time he is about 10 or so. I hate to say it, but you reap what you sow. I have seen it with my own kids. They were ages 3-9 when my ex and I separated. They are now 14-20 yrs old. Only one ever talks to her dad, and she has set up VERY specific behavoirs she will and will not accept. Hang in there. Janice

  3. Tom, just keep in mind that courts are just coming around to the fact that fathers can be just as equal as women as caretakers of the children. We can be excellent nurturers, disciplinarians, can cook, maintain a household, and can meet all the standards of a "traditional" household. However, that being said, there are still a lot of judges that maintain the bias that the mother should have primary custody of the children. Often it helps to have an attorney that knows the past decisions of the judges and getting the matter in front of a judge that will actually hear both sides of the issue and listen to all the testimony from witnesses that know both parents and can give a more unbiased opinion as to which parent the child would have a better chance for growth in a nurturing and caring environment. Be patient and speak with your attorney. Do some research on the judges that preside over the courts there and their past decisions. Remember that the attorney is working for you, but you may have to do a lot of the leg work. Hang in there, it is going to be a bumpy ride. She is going to throw everything she can at you, but don’t do the same. It is not a game and should not be played by two people. In the end, no matter what the outcome is you need to know that you retained your values and morals and that is what you can pass on to your son.Larry

  4. Just wait soon enough you guys will have a big enough file that they courts will give up and let it stand. Hopefully you can get joint custody or ever full custody so that you do not have to have "restricted" visits or anything weird like that. Hey if she slept with you and married you to make a baby at least let you have a part in the kids life since you want that. everyone needs to realize that their actions have consequences and in this case you have a wonderful son with a cranky mother. There is nothing you can do about that part but I hope it all clears up soon.

  5. Tom~I am SO sorry that your ex is doing this. The courts should look at her actions and take it all into consideration…but I know how courts work and it is not always for the best interest of the right person or persons involved. Keep your chin up! I will continue to pray for you and your son!Take care,T

  6. All I have to say is I will pray for you and your son! And I hope the courts see how much harm she is causing your son psychologically. She doesn’t seem to realize that this will affect him for the rest of his life and may even grow to hate her. Trust me, I’ve been through it!

  7. So sorry to hear it sweetie. One day I am going to come to your site and I am going to cry – because the good news we are all holding out for will be right here. And then we will miss you because you will be too busy playing with that beautiful boy of yours to bother with this blog anymore. I can’t WAIT for that day. {{{HUGS}}}

  8. I agree she is being spiteful and it does hurt the kids way more like my son in what happened to them and me when their father keep me out of their lives for so long my son blames me for now and i can and will handle it but he will see it was his dad that didnt let me have them when i was to get them and all. but i know his time is coming my mistake was i didnt fight hard enough and i see that now and my son has helped me to see it even more but hang in there tom i hope you get the time your son and you should have no one should be like this my ex was like that too. best wishes for you and your son

  9. it’s sad that she is bringing your son into this just because she is mad at you. she thinks she is going to hurt you but all she will do is hurt your child! kudos to you for loving your son! i was a single parent until i met my husband and now that he’s deployed, it’s like i’m single again. i do it all myself and at times, i forgot how i did it before! keep your chin up and i wish you well!~aron~

  10. I hope you get more visiting time with your Son! Hopefully the judge will see whats goin on. Can you file to get your Son to live with you and maybe she can be the one who only gets visits?Tammy

  11. Considering she has a history of doing this, I am sure the courts will review the evidence and rule accordingly.Consider the source and try not to let it ruin your day.I am sorry for your sonhaving to live with someone who has such a vendetta.Thoughts and prayers,Sabine

  12. Hey Tom,I really hope you and your son are doing well. It looks like your ex is at the end of the line. Hope fully, it won’t be too long until it all comes crashing down on her. People can only lie for so long before they get caught.-JC

  13. Tom -thanks for the comment in my space. I’ll have to figure out that mp3 / wma thing later. Well I hope things are working out for you and your son. It’s been a couple days since you posted this info about the last court hearing. I pray all is well with you.

  14. Hello Tom,I wish that your ex will see the good part about you and not thinking about the bugs in her brain right now. I heard a lot of crazy ex’s and I am glad that my ex is not like that and I am not like that. I wish she will think about her child that need a fatherly love too and not thinking and doing about those crazy trouble in her head. But some people just want attention I guess. I hope that your ex will not do anymore crazy things to you. You have enough already.I wish and pray for peace of mind to you and to all of us.Take care and hugs to you,Lalane

  15. Tom, Keep hanging in there buddy and keeping up the good fight! I know that you are doing the right things and I’m completely behind you. Your friend, Bryan

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