Nothing Left To Do !

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I’m soooo bored! I did all my laundry & cleaning now I have nothing left to do! I tried to get into wresling on tv but knowing that most of it is fake makes it hard to watch. Thats why I’m here. I had to thank a few people who left some nice comments. I’ts really cool to know people actually read these "spaces". I guess I’ll go see whats on tv now or write some e-mails I need to send.

bye 4 now  …tg/logansdaddy

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  1. Hey, i was just checkin some spaces… and yours has to be the most interesting one i’ve ran across so far. I found your Pope album quite interesting (since im catholic), and i noticed your profile says you fix computers… im a computer person myself. Well if ya ever get bored again, check out my Space and drop a line or two… i LOVE comments!! :DPeace out!!

  2. I was just browsing and came across your space. Interesting and I am sorry for what your going through. I have recently became a single parent of 4 girls and I only wish that there father would want to see them more than once a week. If ya ever want to chat let me know.

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