Happy Mothers Day !

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To all Moms:  "Happy Mothers Day!"

To My Mom: "I love you and Happy Moms Day"

To My Sons Mom: Even though we might not think highly of each other, I do thank you for all that you do for our Son. (she don’t know about this "space")

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  1. Hi, My name is Rebecca. I just wanted to say that you seem to be a great example of how a father should behave. You are divorced, you were obviously hurt and are still angry with your ex wife but have the integrity to not only be civil but to thank her for the care she provides to your child. My parents divorced when I was young and constantly belittled each other to my brother and I. Now that I am a mother I have an even better understanding of how a parent should conduct them selfs. Thank you, for being one of the good ones! Your son is beautiful!

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