Can’t decide…

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…on what layout & background I like the best for my "space". I’ve tried just about every combination there is. It seems having so many chooices makes it harder to pick one & stick to it. So I’ll just change things around every day! Too bad we can’t design our own backgrounds!

Today is a beautiful day outside. My cat was tring to lay in a little spot of sunlight coming through the shades and hitting the floor. This gave me the idea to open the shades. My cat looked at me as if to say "thank you", rolled over and drifted off to sleep. She’ll be mad at me later because her food might run out tonight and I may not beable to get a ride to the store for more til the morning. She’ll be ok. 

Gots to go for now. …tg/logansdaddy 


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  1. Thanks for writing, it is nice to know that some one is actually looking at what I write. Although now that I know someone may actually be looking at it Ill put a little more thought in to what I am writing. How old is your son now? Thomas is almost 14 months. His birthday was St. Patricks day. I know I already said it but I cant tell you enough how great it is to see a dad who is this active in their childs life. I guess you just seem so proud to be a dad and that is rare, beleive it or not. I hope to hear from you again.

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