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As you can tell by the title There is not much new! I can not write about the legal stuff which sucks but I guess it better that way. I can say that he is VERY busy;)
I took my car to have the windshield to be replaced. I have a friend who has his own business and did it for cost ($95). It helps to know people in the biz. The cheapest estimate was $195 and I had to leave it there all day. My friend did it right in front of my house! I have my son this weekend so I think we will go on a train ride if it does not rain. The Nuns I lived with as a youth invited me & my Son to their annual carnival/picnic. It is a huge event with rides, games, food and more:) It is on 9/10 and I would have to convince my ex to let me have him on the "off" visit weekend. I will ask her but I doubt she’ll "allow" it. The Nuns would love to see again. They have not seen him since I was not allowed to drive.
I can not think of anything else to write about so I will try to get some sleep. I have not slept in two days…again.
                   …tom g

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  1. Nuns? Sorry i haven’t commented in a while. Been doing some research and i’ve been under alot of stuff lately. Glad to hear that things are starting to work out! I hope you lawyer is worth whatever ungodly amount of money you pay him. C Ya

  2. Hey there, just stopping by. I am hoping that you are able to have your son for the weekend, it sounds like a lot of fun! Also, were you raised in a convent?

  3. T, I am sorry to hear u r not resting, u really need to try & rest. I hope she lets u have him on your off weekend. Good luck with that! Have a better day tomorrow. ~~Lisa~~

  4. Hi there! I was out doing a blog walk and came across your site. You and I have some stuff in common but i’m dealing with a dead beat dad and it’s funny ’cause today’s blog was bitching about my ex…then I come here and it’s wow, someone else here is having a hell of a time! lol Chin up and you’re so not alone. *smiles and hugs* Dawn

  5. Tom, Things will work out as they should. You will have your son, if not for custody, you will get much more time with him. He needs your dependability around.

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