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My visit was great. I picked him up on time and he was glad to see me. Her new apt is not too hard to find. I did not go in or any thing I just waited in the hall until he came out. He ran out and his mom called him back in to say bye to Mark. He did and ran back out to me. I hope this guy Mark is not living their too. It is not my business who she dated but I was hoping that she would keep her personal life out of view of my son. I can understand if she needs to have a warm body close but she cold ease him into this new guy instead of jamming him down my Sons throat all at once. It is hard to draw the line between her life and that of my Son. It has been something I think about a lot. I feel like I have no control over what happens to him.
We went to my sisters house and it was too hot out so we stayed in the house. We made things with playdo like animals. I asked what he wanted me to make, he said a toilet, so I made one. It turned out great he thought it was so funny. It looked real. I can make just about any thing with playdo. I used to sit for hours and see what I could make when I was a kid. I love to use it when I have to watch kids. I show them how to make stuff and the kids get to learn how to use there imagination. We also played a Jimmy Neutron game on my laptop. For lunch he had some pizza and three bananas (2 1/2, I had to finish the third one for him)
I went to the beach today with my friend Renee. We had been planning to go for a long time but she seems to only have off on the days I have my Son. She took the day off even though I asked her not to do that. She is taking classes to be an E.M.T. I got a sun burn and it hurts bad because I haven’t had one for a few years. It was nice to be out with a friend and enjoying myself. I felt nice to get my mind off of things. Renee new something was on my mind but she did not push to hard. I do not like to talk about my ex with her. I do not know why. I took my camera to take more pics but as usual the batteries were dead in my camera. I keep forgetting to take them out hen I am not using it :(…tom g

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  1. ah i love playdoh. i always used to ask for it at christmas and then we would end up mixing the colors until they were all brown and then beg for new ones. i still want an etch-a-sketch. im glad you had that time with your son – bunny

  2. My son got custody of his son. We were there during the whole process ( both emotionally and monerterily for several months as this process took place) but once he got a full time job he moved away and now it’s sad in that he now uses his custody as a tool to demand actions from others. Right now he is mad because I wouldn’t let him borrow something and so I’ve been told I can’t see my grandson anymore. After being the full-time caregiver for 4 months while my son looked for work I feel like my heart was ripped to shreds. Please remember grandparents love the grandkids just as much as mom and dad do. There isn’t anything I can do to enforce visitation.

  3. Hey there,I’m doing something new at my space. Guess the soundtrack that I’m playing for each new blog that I post for the month.

  4. Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. Been so busy. I’m glad to see that your ex is staying in the county. I bet thats alot off your mind.It was also nice to hear that you got out and had a good time with your friend. You need the relaxation for yourself. And the beach is the best. My favorite place to be.Debbie


  6. Tom,Keep your head up man. Everything will work out. As long as you are in your son’s life, he will will be forever grateful for your efforts to be a part of his life. -JC

  7. Thank you Tom, You seemed to have genuine concern for me after my previous post and I want you to know that I appreciate that. I am happy to hear that all is well with you and Logan. I think I said before that it seems as though maybe it is your turn to be heard and for the court system to see that you infact may be the responsible half. I know that you deserve that at least! I hope things continue to go well with you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Tom,Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. It sounds as though you had a great time! I was never good at play-doh, just never been all that creative. Glad to see that your social life is picking up as well, it is real nice to have someone to relate to, someone to lean on, an ear for your thoughts to fall upon. I’m envious! Good luck!Larry

  9. I am so glad that everything went well. I hope that she does eventuallly realize that it is not good to shove men like that at a kid. I think that if you are not with the daddy there needs to be some time that you have alone with your kid before introducing a new man. She needs to learn to keep her love life separate from her "family" life. People will do what they want to do. Good luck with getting her to stay here, I think she will if she did find an apartment. Im glad you had a good day with your son and keep me updated. I read your site all the time even though I dont always leave a comment. Love it.

  10. Hi, I haven’t stopped by your space in awhile but thought I would drop in and say "hi" I am glad your visit with your son went well and hope things remain in the positive for you both. My boys and I played with playdough the other day and also had a great time. They thought it was hilarious when I made them turtles and snakes and spiders. Kids can be be so much work, but equal it out in hugs and fun…

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