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I have my Son tomorrow. I called and talked to his mom (my ex). She gave me address of her new apt. It, thank God, is not in Baltimore. Is a bit farther away but it is at least in tis county. That issue is put to rest for now. She probably paid for 1 year in advance on the apt. After that year is up she will be back where she started.
I went on line to get a map to her apt because I was not sure where it was. That way I won’t get lost on the way.
I was bored today and made some little changes to my Space. I get tired of looking at the same layout every day. I hope it doesn’t bug people too much. I have to also say that I have gotten lost trying to keep up with replies to all the comments I get. If you left one and do not get a reply I am sorry. I really try to thank every one but if I get too many in a short time, I loose track of the new comments. I do not know if any one else has the same problem or not with the fact that you can only see the last 5 recent comments.
I will write about my day with my Son tomorrow. I still do not know what we will do yet but it will be fun…tom g

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  1. your layout looks great.. hope you have a great day tomorrow with your boy.. and thank goodness your ex didn’t leave the state.. one less thing to worry about.. glad things are looking up. just breathe… and enjoy your time with your son…looking forward to hearing how your visit went…thanks

  2. Hey it looks differant in here, looks great! Have a most excellant day tomorrow!!! Lots of Love and support, Laura xoxo

  3. i like the fact that you change your layout every now and then. i think about changing mine but im not sure that i would like it as much, its like rearranging furniture and then you find it becomes unfamiliar like spending a night at someone else’s place. ah luckily i don’t have to worry so much about responding to people’s comments. i still think its amazing that complete strangers can stumble onto my site, read my thoughts and know me in a way that i wouldn’t let some friends. funny isnt it? – bunny

  4. I know you can only see the last few comments however if you click on blog it will tell you, how many you have fore each entry and you can just pull them down from there.

  5. I love that you change the look of your space. I’m always checking out your space to see how things are goin for you. Have fun with your son tommrow!!!!!

  6. I know that feeling. Did she move to a different state then? I know from what I was told, that if I planed to move to a different state, farther away then I have to go to court again and get it modified.

  7. Excellent page, i’ve really enjoyed my visit and I will be coming back again. You’ve been bookmarked. Enjoy the time with your son 🙂 It’s a wonderful thing..Karen

  8. coming from a 14 year old boy with a father that doesnt live with me anymore, but we still hang out on weekends, ill tell you that there is nothing more then your son looks foward to than hanging out with you… well g’luck with the entire deal…your wife sounds like my mom ^.^

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